Fruits Basket - 02

January 15, 2006 on 1:15 am | In Fruits Basket |

The Sohma Curse

I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging every episode but I decided to do this one anyway. More development on my favorite character: Kyo!

  • Summary

In this episode, Yuki begins to trust Honda more and grows more protective of her. He even offers to show her his “secret base.” They have a cute scene in the hallway. Kyou also tries to fight his immaturity apologize to her. Shigure goes to talk to Akito, a mysterious-sounding head of the Sohma house about whether to erase Honda’s memory or not. Also, Kyo becomes enrolled in the same school as Honda and Yuki, and all the girls are interested in him, which drives him to wrestling a girl and jumping out the window in front of everyone.

  • Episode Review

Fruits Basket continues to be both cute and funny, and I am pretty sure now that a love triangle will develop between Kyo–>Tohru–>Yuki. And I can’t wait.

Will Kyo wind up bettering himself for Tohru? I bet.

As a sidenote, I totally would not mind if I had sexy male companions who turned into cute animals when hugged and then randomly appear naked around me. It’d be like a dream come true. Or something. o_O

  • Character Review

Akito Sohma: Pretty mysterious, with a voice just a tad less girly than Yuki’s. He’s supposed to be the head of the Sohma’s and it’s hard to tell if he is an evil character or not yet. I fear that he will turn out to be the villain of the series. I wonder what animal he is.agriculture in loans floridaloans aircraft rate interest suppliesamerican all florida home loansloan aproved payday allloan bad car american ok creditloans charege consolidaton americancollege loan american corporationpayment education online american services loan Mapadult cant ringtone that new hearloved 2 ringtone b3360 free nokia ringtone downloadphone cell free ringtone 2 sidekickringtones for alltel phones paid preabsolutely ringtone free verizonfor free absolutely sprint ringtonesphone cell digital alaska ringtones Mapadvance texas cash loansadvisor loanagriculture land loansalabama home online loanpay $25,000 off loanloan financing 100 mortgagelot 100 loanloan 10k Mapporn movies free brazilianmovie quotes notebookteen free moviemovies free daily sexasswatcher moviessex sample free moviesmovies pussy lickinglatest movie dvd releases Map


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