Fruits Basket - 03

January 16, 2006 on 1:18 am | In Fruits Basket |

All Shapes and Sizes

Tohru begins to understand Yuki a little bit more.

  • Summary:

When Yuki and Kyo begin fighting at school and Tohru attempts to mediate, Kyo snaps at Tohru and tells her to stay away from him. Tohru is then convinced Kyo truly hates her and she goes away. After that, Kyo, Tohru, and their classmates play a card game and Yuki feels sad and left out. After work, Kyo surprisingly goes to pick up Tohru and meets her in the forest, but she mistook him for a molester and hit him with her bag. Kyo then struggles to apologize for how he’s been acting and starts watching what he says, trying to be more sensitive. (Squee, the immature guy changing for the girl~) After another day of work, Yuki comes to pick up Tohru from her job and they walk together in the rain. Yuki explains how he envies Kyo for being able to fit in with all the normal people at school. Yuki shows Tohru his “secret base”—a small vegetable garden. Together they protect it from the rain and harvest leeks. Kyo hates leeks so Yuki forces him to eat them. Then they go off and have hot yaoi sex and make lots of babies somehow. Wheeee~

  • Episode Review:

The development between Tohru and Kyo is what I’m really interested in, and it’s got me excited. I know that Tohru will probably wind up with the princely Yuki, but one can only hope of a deeper love triangle than that. The way Kyo was blushing during the forest scene really got me fired up, though.

Now we see one of the reasons Yuki fights Kyo so much and is so aggravated by him: he has something that Yuki never had, and he doesn’t even realize it. Unlike Yuki, once he is comfortable with a group of people, Kyo can act himself and fit in.

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