Fruits Basket - 04

January 16, 2006 on 2:43 am | In Fruits Basket |
Here Comes Kagura!

Scary crazy boar girl Kyo-lover Kagura comes into the picture. o_o Oh nos! Going to steal Kyo?!

  • Summary:

We get to meet Kagura, the split-personality girl completely obsessed with Kyo. She sees Tohru as a possible rival. After beating up Kyo, she proceeds to wreck the house by attempting laundry and making tea. She stays up late trying to clean after her messes and Tohru comes to help her. They become friends and less like rivals, cutting out pictures of their favorite animals. After helping out Kagura, Tohru climbs up to the roof to find Kyo, who is sulking/hiding. She gives him food and listens to him talk excitedly about his training days. Like the previous episode, Tohru learns more about one of her male companions, this time Kyo. She realizes he has a lot of ambition and is passionate about training and becoming stronger. The next day, they say good-bye to Kagura, who turns into a boar after bumping into the paper delivery boy.

  • Episode Review:

Oh nos! I hope Kyo doesn’t learn to accept her later! T^T Kyo, you can’t! もう~だめ!I’m glad a new character was introduced, though. Let’s keep this thing rolling! I don’t know how much Kagura could further the plot, but she definitely adds an interesting element. Yayyy, more development between Kyo and Tohru!

And random paper boy! :D

  • Character Review:

Kagura Sohma: One second she’s a very nice, cute girl and the next she is a scary, obnoxious, dangerous monster. Kagura’s obsessed with Kyo, who has been her true love since childhood. She constantly torments Kyo through both violent and kind affection and overdoes it when it comes to trying to impress him and being like a girlfriend. She means well but is just way too obsessed. Despite her position in the anime, I don’t hate her too much…YET. Kagura is the boar in the 11 loan 8 payday advancedebt canada a consolidation loanloan consolidation a debtpayday cash advance loan quickadvance 20 loan check paydayeasy payday loan advancebusiness period of amortization loanlink payday 4 loan Mapof ambassadors teenagers americanmade porn amateurporn americas next hot starassault degree 2nd sexualmpegs porn homemade amateurpics mature anime 3d sexamateur upload porn video siteporn amateur sharing MapNews 0.098 Alexandroupolis CommentsFrom Mobilerated Java Free 0.1525 Download Games Nokia0.098 Coleman Hawkins Benny Carter SwingDownloads 0.098 Quality Bulletin Where Jazz Boardfree ringtone banjos 0.098 a duelingBowie Best Radio 0.098 David BeebSongs Hottest Videos Soup Indian 0.098 Download0.098 Jethro Omega Tull Mapalabama loan new carloan home alaska mortgagealaska mortgage home loansloans property alaskaabout loans all bridgeamerican loan home dreamservices equity american loan$1000 day loan pay Mappictures celeberty porn fakefake porn dr examsporn fake knightly kieranarnia fake pornactors fake pornfake names pornrape fake porntits porn fake Map


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