Paradise Kiss - Series Review (9/10)

January 26, 2006 on 6:52 pm | In Paradise Kiss |
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Overall: 9/10

Animation: 10/10

Voice: 10/10

Music: 7.5/10

Story: 8.5/10

  • Series Review

Overall this has been an amazing series. The art is just beautiful. It’s realism and style is very poignant and dramatic, perfect for its setting. The struggle between the relationships of each character is very realistic, human, and brilliant. The romance arc between Yukari and George is genuine, for it fluctuates, gathering and falling apart, just as any human relationships do. The voice acting also helps the drama along. Every voice fit its character and personality perfectly, and with that said, the character design is great. Every character is different and unique, in both style and personality.

I loved the context of the anime, and the artsy feel everything had to it. I felt like by watching this anime, I was transported into a world few of us non-art majors get a glimpse of, where people are motivated by passion for their design and personal aesthetics. The ending theme of the anime, Franz Ferdinand’s “Do You Want To,” is always inserted at appropriate times at the end of each episode, lifting the viewer up beyond the drama of the episodes into a frenzied, energized state.

This anime is definitely worth looking at if you enjoy the art world, shoujo, or just want a good dramatic series. While there is humor inserted, the main focus is the connections between these different people and their journey to find their own path in life. This path just happens to be paved with rainbow litter, lace, and pouty lips.

  • Favorite Characters
  • Arashi! <3Arashi: Definitely 一番! I loved his personality, which was boyish and immature and yet he had a good heart and really cared about his Miwako. But I must admit that most of all, I loved his extremely casual (and rude) masculine Japanese slurring of words. (Lots of お前な・・・)ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ
    • Miwako~Miwako: Her voice actress was simply wonderful and her character was so cute, compassionate, and a real refreshing sight in the anime. The relationship between her and Arashi was very cute as well. I also loved her pink hair and styles! Every scene she had her hair in a different way and wore a completely different outfit.


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