Fate/Stay Night - 02

January 29, 2006 on 1:26 am | In Fate Stay Night |

Night of Fate

Archer Rin = Sex. ‘Nuff said.

  • Summary

Way too lazy to write one, and I watched this episode too long ago to really remember details, so get your super-detailed summary from Momento, くださいね。(-_☆)V

  • Episode Review

Archer and Rin are the perfect couple. I love everything about their interactions, and they are both sexy in their own right. I really want something to develop between them. (Then again, I’m always one for odd romantic developments in any genre).

I found Shinji’s rejection very amusing. I couldn’t have said it better than Kabitzin: “Sorry noob, guess you weren’t ARCHER enough for her.”

Shirou is a homosexual for being so nice to that jerk, Shinji. It was obvious he was getting butt-raped and yet he still offers himself, like a slave. “Yes, Shinji, do fuck me in the ass. Several times. No, I don’t have anywhere to be today. I’ll do all your chores.” Pussy. I know, I know, I’m giving Shirou a bad rap for being such a great guy but, come on. How is he going to muster up the balls to save the universe later? Because we all know he’ll have to. I hope Saber’s a God damn good slave, for his sake. Maybe they should trade roles. Maybe she should man him up. Have a little one-on-one session. Hehe. Well, at least he didn’t cry from his cut earlier.

The stalker theme was pretty nice. Though it darkened the episode a little, I found it more exhilirating than heavy. I can see glorious future battle scenes to come, for these were just skirmishes and they looked pretty.

The scene between Rin and Shirou was pretty interesting. I wonder how Rin felt as she was reviving him. Was it just because she was guilty or was it something more? I wonder if Archer was jealous. :3 Hehe.

I guess we got to see some of Shirou’s abilities, what with the poster-hardening and all. I don’t have much confidence in him but I’m sure he’ll pull through. He is a genuinely nice guy. I just can’t take the Nice x 10^5, I guess. I have more faith in badasses like Archer, who get the job done.

Waiting for Archer–>Rin<--Shirou<--Saber love triangle to form. Though Archer-->Saber would be neat. I’m such a girl. Yay for odd romantic developments in unlikely genres.

  • Character Review

Matou Shinji: A total jerk who manipulates people and I guess has a way with the ladies. He’s been close friends with Shirou since they were young and he values his pride more than anything. He really need to be sent home crying to his kaasan.

Lancer: A badass if I’ve ever seen one. Skilled at stalking, he’s obviously the Servant of someone else. He may not be as ruthless and bloodthirsty as he first appears, though, since he told Shirou to quit, as if Lancer was tired of causing him pain. I’m impressed with his character and I expect more ass-kicking to ensue, though he seems an obvious villain.

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