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Love Cat

:O :O :O I love this anime. I can’t say anything without revealing spoilers here.

  • Summary

So, Creed and his Apostles seem to be restored again, for he’s back at his throne and now yelling at the guy with the mask (I can’t remember his name right now) for going off on his own and fighting Train. After Creed slashes him to bits and presumes to madly cackle for a while, Sheldon decides to leave the Apostles of the Stars. Since staying with the Apostles might mean having to fight “Kuro-kun,” Kyoko decides to leave with him.

Sheldon drives them into town and leaves Kyoko off there, and they separate for a bit. The Train-gang are also in town, and Train’s complaining about not having any food to eat, so Sven tells him to get off his lazy ass and work for his own food. He heads to the sweepers area to find a quick and easy kill, with Eve in tow.

It just so happens to be VALENTINE’S DAY (which is just around the corner here, too ^O^) and so Kyoko put her heart and soul into making him a cute chocolate heart. We also get a glimpse of Kyoko’s real life as a school girl and how she has been absent for a week. Her teachers and classmates are worried/curious about her mysterious absences, but as with most things, Kyoko light-heartedly brushes it all off and doesn’t answer any questions.

Oh, yeah, a lot of fantasizing about Kuro-kun and whatnot by Kyoko in this episode.

While at the sweeper’s gathering place thing, Train is ambushed by Kyoko, who is so determined to give him her chocolate that she knocks over everyone and the tables in her way. She gets one man angry enough that he winds up stomping her chocolate heart to bits. She of course gets pissed off and attempts to burn the guy up, but Train stops her in her tracks when he kicks the guy in the face before she can even flame him. He then bends over and tastes some of her chocolate off the floor. (Aww!) Of course, Kyoko is mad with passion.

During this time Eve and Train also learn of Sheldon and Kyoko leaving the Apostles of the Stars group. Eve believes Kyoko right away. And since Kyoko has left the Apostles, Train says never to burn anyone like that again.

Anyway, the chocolate Kyoko made was so spicy that Train freaked out and ran everywhere, looking for a faucet. I forget why, and it might not be explained, but the building they’re in blows up and whatnot as soon as he turns the knob. o_O

Meanwhile, Sheldon finds one of the wasps that Creed uses to spy on people, so he’s afraid that Kyoko might be in danger.

The Doctor and another of Creed’s minions show up, and the Doctor prepares to shoot Kyoko since she left the group but Train takes the bullet for her. We learned earlier in this episode that the bullet contained new nanotechnology that would transform the victim somehow. After an ominous line, “I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you look next time,” the Apostles leave.

Back at the Train-gang place, Train seems to be okay, since he’s bandaged and whatnot. However, Kyoko comes crashing through the window. Apparently, Eve told her where they were staying. I guess Eve must trust Kyoko. She tries to glomp him and rape him again but then he begins glowing and suddenly transforms…into…a child. O_O END!

  • Episode Review


I was much more pleased with this episode than the last, probably due to its high humor to action angst drama ratio. Kyoko is one of my favorite characters, and she was plastered all over the place in this episode, so this is to be expected. Despite me wanting Train to somehow be reunited with his old lover, I still find the Kyoko Kuro-kun concept to be very satisfying. Though I think a Sheldon Kyoko would be even more awesome! :D

There wasn’t a huge action climax or battle scene as there were in the previous episodes, but I still found myself paying full attention to this episode and its details compared with older ones. I think it was more fast-paced even though it slowed down enough to show Kyoko as a person.

This episode had a lot of character development for both Kyoko and Sheldon, who we now can define as more rational and not necessarily chaos-oriented, unlike how they were originally presented. Though Kyoko seems to be directed by her instincts, we still have the sense (or at least, I do) that she is more of a good person than a bad one. And we now know that Sheldon is of a greater moral fiber than we might have once presumed.

I find it hard to believe that the Apostles can take Creed seriously at all by now, especially as a leader. What with all the mad cackling and random killing. At least Sheldon has a good head on his shoulders (and Kyoko a heart). o_O

The ending of this episode was a huge cliff-hanger and I can’t wait to see the later developments on Train. I also hope that Kyoko and Sheldon will become more involved with the Train-gang and stay on the “good” side of the characters. Looking forward to the next episode: “Chibi Cat!”

Sidenote: Awww, ain’t Chibi Train kawaii?

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