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January 30, 2006 on 7:00 pm | In Kage Kara Mamoru |

Continuing to Protect for 400 Years

  • Synopsis

Kagemori Mamoru, a nerdy-looking boy with disheveled hair and coke-bottle glasses, belongs to a ninja family. His family has secretly protected their neighbors, the Konnyakus, for 400 years. Every ninja is assigned a certain person to protect and Kagemori Mamoru is assigned Yuuna, and he has been protecting her since they were little kids. Yuuna is a cute bubble-gum-haired airhead and is very close to her secret ninja childhood friend, even though she doesn’t know his ninja identity.

  • Summary

Yuuna goes bowling with her friends Airi and Mamoru. She is not very good at bowling but tries incessantly the whole time to just knock one pin down. Meanwhile, Airi is giving Mamoru a hard time about being Yuuna’s childhood friend and how it would make Yuuna unhappy to have him around, especially if they start dating (Yuuna Mamoru). Pshhh, like that’s going to happen… ;P

Accident-proned Yuuna winds up using the men’s bathroom and sees a group of guys with suitcases full of fake dolls they are planning to sell as authentic pieces (PIRATES! :O). The airhead she is, she assumes they are men who wandered into the girls’ bathroom to play with dolls and thinks it’s a secret thing guys do that she didn’t know about. When the pirates see her, they immediately seize her, tie her up, and then take her back to their HQ.

In the middle of conversation with Airi, Mamoru mysteriously disappears (gee, I wonder where he went), leaving her there. Yuuna falls asleep on the couch while the gang boss raves on and proposes to “have fun with her” before they kill her. At that instant, a ninja comes in and pwns them all, despite the machine gun and whatnot. When Yuuna wakes up, she’s on Mamoru’s back on the way home.

Back at home, we meet Mamoru’s parents, and it is obvious by now that he was the ninja and that his family are ninjas that have been protecting Yuuna’s family for 400 years. Mamoru seems less enthusiastic about being a ninja than his parents and they seem to embarrass him a bit.

After dinner we see how close (distance-wise) Yuuna and Mamoru are, since their room windows are right next to each other. They talk for a little while and Mamoru mentions what Airi said about how childhood friends aren’t good lovers because they know too much about each other. Yuuna then quizzes Mamoru about herself and he gets every answer right. Frustrated, she asks him what it is that she looks at before she goes to bed every night. I expected him to answer right again since he’s a ninj4 and all, but he doesn’t know. She then smiles. There are secrets they have yet to learn about each other.

After they close their blinds, we see what Yuuna’s secret is. She looks at a picture of her and Mamoru every night before going to bed. Aww. :3

  • Episode Review

To me, it seemed like it took a while for the plot to take off, for we had a lot of pointless school time.

I also felt like the scenes weren’t very impressive. Animation wasn’t spectacular and the action music was cheesy (I felt like I was watching DBZ or Street Fighter). I guess this is all okay, though, considering that this anime is more of a romantic comedy than action series. Unless it does become extremely ninja-and-annoying-battle-music-oriented, I’ll be alright.

The character designs were not impressive and the entire plot is mediocre at best. The only thing I see this series has going for it is the whole ninja thing. (Noooo, more Street Fighter music?!) I hope future episodes are more entertaining. This is worth checking out if you like cute airhead anime girls, since Yuuna’s the epitome of kawaii baka.

Sidenote: I’ll be watching more just to get glimpses of this little guy (left).

Sidenote 2: I won’t be watching more to get glimpses of these glasses (right). In fact, they may be the most offensive aspect of this whole anime. Secret ninja identity or not, someone needs to tell him something.

  • Character Review

Konnyaku Yuuna: Cute, klutzy, good-natured, happy-go-lucky, no brains girl with pink hair. What more could you ask for? Unlike Matthew and RandomC, I am glad she doesn’t have the same seiyuu as Kaede (Yuko Gotou), but that’s just personal preference. I dislike the character type commonly associated with her H-game voice. Anyway, Yuuna is likeable because she doesn’t look like she would want to (or is capable of o_O) harming a fly.

Kagemori Mamoru: Nerdy-looking boy whose secret identity is that of a ninja who must protect Yuuna. He seems a sharp, rational contrast to bubbly Yuuna. Despite him being smarter and more competent, he cares about Yuuna a lot and doesn’t seem annoyed with her antics.

Sawagashi Airi: Has a bad haircut but she is also a lucid figure in contrast to her close friend Yuuna, with her quick mind and loud mouth. It looks like Airi is another figure who is out to protect her friend, though I don’t think she can compete with Mamoru’s 1337 ninj4 skrillz. She seems cautious of Mamoru at first but there may be a budding attraction towards him there…

Kagemori Sakurako: Light-hearted mother of Mamoru. Not much to say here. She seems optimistic about ninja life.

Kagemori Kengo: Embarrassing father of Mamoru’s, who is hard to take seriously despite his ninj4 powers. He seems more goofy than serious.

Burumaru: Currently my favorite character. Kind of sad when the little side-char, a dog, is your favorite character of a series. Oh well. He’s cute. ^-^

Inari Sushi: Comes close in second for favorite character status. I’m happy that the anime gave the sushi its own title screen.

  • Obligatory Character Comparison

(Thanks to Hung).

Yakuza boss and…David Letterman?

Kind of creepy, actually…


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