Black Cat - 14

January 31, 2006 on 9:06 pm | In Black Cat |

Chibi Cat!

The adventures of a miniature Train Heartnett! Not as happy-go-lucky as you might expect.

  • Summary

There’s a humorous session of Kyoko dressing up kid Train, as you can see from the screenshots, hehe. They finally find an outfit that is like a mini child version of his usual one and then Kyoko and Train set off to walk around town.

Train’s flashbacks to his childhood begin after he can’t finish a bottle of milk. We meet a new man with a mysterious appearance, whose body becomes more revealed throughout the episode as his connection with Train becomes more lucid. In the very beginning, we cannot even see his face.

Chibi Train and Eve then wind up meeting a kid named Tim who’s trying to save a young girl who’s being held hostage by a group of thugs. They are threatening him with her and yelling at him to get lost. The badass he is, even as a kid, Train shoots at them and with Eve distracts the thugs and sends them running home to momma.

Later, Train and Eve learn of Tim and the kids’ plight: they are orphans who are being forced off their land by a group of thugs that want to build some complex there. Of course, Tim wants to protect the children and their home. He asks for Train’s help but he suddenly turns cold and says it’s none of his business. Eve wants to help them, however. Their leader has left them, and one of the girls shows Eve a picture of him. He just so happens to be Leon from the Apostles of the Stars (dun dun DUN).

So the gang boss comes this time with his thugs and Train does wind up helping Tim out. He lends Tim his gun to shoot the gang boss for “vengeance.” Tim decides not to shoot the boss, pleasing Train.

Back at the place where Sven is, Train takes a shower and comes out as a grown man again. This little nanotech fiasco has ended. T^T

The ever-so-ominous Doctor leers at the crystal ball back at the Apostles’ hideout and tells Leon that he was able to gather much valuable information about his nanotech bullet.

  • Episode Review

Despite the obvious humor that goes along with Train being turned into an adorable chibi, this episode was more serious than the previous one. There are a lot of glimpses into Train’s angsty past and his questionable childhood with a man that seems very cruel to him. “Vengeance” is a repeated theme in the episode, and I believe the purpose of Tim’s story is just to reveal more about Train, since their lives practically mirror each other. Train also lost his parents to a cruel person, Train also felt like avenging his loved ones, Train also had burning anger and hate that bursted into violence. Train also had people important to him to protect. His character was actually more serious as a child recalling his past than as his usual bouncy adult self (aside from the dark Train with the hot deep voice).

This episode was more poignant to me in terms of drama compared to past episodes. Even the big battle-fest episode seemed less dire and shocking than this one, for a number of reasons.

First of all, the emotions were more real and the drama more believable. We can see Train’s mind more in-depth now than before, so his actions have more meaning. In episode 12, he seemed only driven by a mad dream and hatred, and his actions seemed irrational, with a convoluted basis. Here, we see Train as a real person with a past and clear emotions and memories that have shaped his current beliefs, morals, and way of thinking.

This episode also contained more shock-value and significance simply because it revealed a number of things we could not have expected (at least, I didn’t): A) Train’s parents were killed when he was young, B) the same person that killed Train’s parents also trained him and raised him in a way to be the fighter he is now, C) and that Leon left this group of orphans as a leader to work for the Apostles of the Stars, leading us to wonder how he came to make a decision and what purpose he believes he’s fulfilling under Creed. Also, if Leon saw the crystal ball, didn’t he see his friends in peril, too? How did he feel about that?

I believe the plot advanced even more from this episode, twisting a little. Even if the focus was on character development, it was still more intriguing than past episodes.

That said, a possible crush Eve might have seems very interesting. :3

Sidenotethefirst: Too much makeup?

Sidenotethesecond: I want adult Train’s naked body. Rowr.

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