Fate/Stay Night - 03

January 31, 2006 on 11:23 pm | In Fate Stay Night |

Raising The Curtain

Information episode! Yay? o_O

  • Summary

Saber’s summoned somehow by Shiro, battle goes down with Lancer, who chickens out. Shiro’s Servant is slightly annoyed with him since he’s amateur and pussy-like, and he also can’t fully materialize her.

Saber runs off to kill Rin’s Servant, Archer, but Shiro commands her to stop. Rin then finds out about Shiro and Saber and takes them to this church to the “overseer of the game,” this creepy priest guy named Kotomine Kirei, who’s also her teacher.

Kotomine explains about the War for the Holy Grail game and how there are seven Masters chosen to summon Servants to fight each other and compete blah blah boring narritive blah blah. So basically, the point is to attain the Holy Grail, but only the Master with the last-standing Servant can retrieve it. So the Masters try to eliminate other Masters’ Servants. There is no need to eliminate the Masters though in past wars this has happened.

Shirou seems reluctant about his responsibilities as a Master until Kotomine explains that the big fire ten years ago was a disaster as a result of someone’s Holy Grail wish. Thus, to prevent this terror that haunts him from his childhood, Shirou wishes to compete in the game so that he may prevent that from ever happening again.

On the way back from the church, Rin, Shirou, and Saber run into an interesting pair: a sort of giant, beast of a man, and a small girl that calls Shirou “Oniichan.” End!

  • Episode Review

To be honest, this episode was pretty boring for me, as you can tell, from the lack of screenshots. (I only take interesting screenshots…if an episode has NO interesting shots, then you won’t get many screens…) As others have said, it might have been necessary, but there should have been a more exciting way to incorporate the explanation of the Holy Grail into the plot. I felt like this episode had a lot of long shots and weird still angles on characters and mostly droning dialogue. I felt my attention straying

Next episode looks more action-packed, and hopefully less dull and dim. I want to see more Shirou Saber clashes and Rin Archer clashes, as well as Archer getting jealous of Rin Shirou. But that’s just ’cause I’m a girl.

  • Character Review

Kotomine Kirei: Serious, creepy, and mysterious teacher of Rin. Also a priest and overseer of the Holy Grail game. His father used to be an overseer and he has a past as a Master so maybe we will see more of him later on in more important positions. I don’t like him. I get ugly vibes.

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