Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora - 03

February 4, 2006 on 1:08 pm | In Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora |

The End of the Ezaki Collection

In the last episode, the introduction of the good-looking doctor Natsume, with the aid of the inherited porno mags, helps to screwed up everything Rika and Yuuichi had budding. Now, will Yuuichi manage to gain forgiveness from Rika and salvage their friendship, let alone attempt to begin a romantic relationship? Could retrieving that book be the key…?

  • Summary

Does anyone really read the summaries, anyway? -_- Unless it’s to point out something I’ve taken liberty with and may be wrong. :P Since the summaries are the most exhausting and boring part for me, I’m going to try to be more brief from now on.

In this episode, Yuuichi, with the help of Tsukasa, scales the building in the rain and retrieves Rika’s book from the window ledge. When he’s asleep, he has a dream in which Rika says thank you to him, but it turns out that she really had come to his room and said thank you. She decides to forgive him as long as he burns his stack of porn. Yuuichi starts reading the same book and they roleplay as the characters in it.

Throughout this episode, we see what looks like Natsume’s jealousy building up, until finally he gets drunk after studying Rika’s condition and then beats up Yuuichi on the rooftop, angry about Yuuichi’s optimism and the futility of Rika’s situation. After Natsume leaves, Yuuichi starts reading some depressing lines out of the book. Something written in the book makes him realize something and he starts crying.

Wow, that kind of summarization is actually painless.

  • Episode Review

Geez, talk about a depressing ending. But it was nice to see Rika and Yuuichi once more united. And all he had to do was scale a building and risk his life in the rain! What had he been waiting for?

The burning of the porn was a little excessive, though. I would have at least let him give it away to his friends or something. Think of that poor pervy dead man! Rika sure is demanding. At least now she lets Yuuichi eat the oranges she throws at him.

The bonding with the book was pretty good, especially since it also caused Yuuichi to cry. It doesn’t sound like a happy-go-lucky book. A child falls in the water…it’s too late, it’s been 45 minutes… I want to know what the lines are after that that made him cry.

Now, Natsume. Natsume, Natsume, Natsume. He has to be the most unprofessional doctor I know. I don’t care if he’s all choked up over Rika’s condition. Way to get drunk and smoke in a hospital, and then beat the crap out of your patient! And if Natsume’s tears are supposed to help justify anything, that’s a load of bull. I can’t imagine anything redeeming him now. Whether Rika is dying or not, you shouldn’t go beating up little boys with Hepatitis. So, after getting totally smashed and flailing around like a lunatic, I don’t think I would trust him to work on any patient anymore, not just Rika. And he better not be the surgeon. Oh God. Let’s hope he doesn’t blow too much cigarette smoke into her chest cavity and accidentally replace her heart with a potato. Grr. Okay, I’m done.

I’m glad Rika isn’t such a psychotic bitch after all, though. I mean, she may be selfish and easily angered, but she certainly cares about Yuuichi and isn’t a cold-hearted crazy lady. At least him getting her book wasn’t something she had expected. I’m happy about her development since the first episode.

And of course, to my girly little heart, Yuuichi = teh win. I love him. Despite sucking up to a selfish girl (which I usually despise in a lot of anime guys), I still have a lot of respect for him. He’s gutsy. He’s determined. I wonder if my boyfriend would risk his life to get my book from the ledge. I would never ever expect that or ask that. In fact, I’d encourage him not to. But, you know. Just a thought. Hehe.

Sidenote: “KISSしていい?” Okay, I know this is totally wrong in every possible way, but the squealy shounen ai fangirl me can’t resist. ^O^

  • Character Review

Tsukasa: Possibly Yuuichi’s best friend. By now I figured he deserved a review. I love this character type because it is more genuinely good than others. I really appreciate those real-life people (not just anime characters) that would never walk past a kitten crying in the rain. I try to be one of those people (and if it’s a kitten, I’ll definitely keep it). Tsukasa really is a nice guy who cares about Yuuichi, and he’ll dress up as Zebra Mask whenever they have to do a covert operation.

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