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February 6, 2006 on 10:30 pm | In Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl |

Hazumu’s Heart, Yasuna’s Heart
はずむの心 やす菜の心

Lesbianism abounds! Hazumu may get laid quicker as a girl than he ever would have as a guy. Plus: the return of the penis ship! Fun for the whole family!

  • Summary

Surprise, surprise! Hazumu’s got company. The aliens have decided to stick around to observe the earthlings. Meaning they will be staying at Hazumu’s house. Which seems like no big deal at all to his parents. Ah, well. Lucky for him, the girl likes titty.

At school, Tomari’s becoming famous and popular among the girls for being like a brave, cute man and standing up for Hazumu when he was being attacked by the reporters. Hazumu seems pretty used to being a girl by now.

Later on in the day, Yasuna’s playing her flute and being emo. She goes home to an empty house and is reminded of what her life had been like before she met Hazumu, and how lonely it was, talking to her dog.

At the restaurant, Hazumu’s eating with Tomari. He suddenly asks her if when a girl confessed to her, she hated that girl after rejecting her. Tomari says she didn’t hate them, which made Hazumu really excited, and he runs off to go home.

Back at Hazumu’s, Dad is being pervy again and having a one-on-one photoshoot with the alien chick. Hazumu finds his flashlight in his room and then runs off to go get the flower he planted together with Yasuna from the mountain so he can give it back to her.

Yasuna’s being emo again at her house when Hazumu comes to give her the flower back. She accepts him into her life again. They decide to be friends after all.

  • Episode Review

I really have no idea what Yasuna’s problem is. If she’s gay, then she’s gay. So she might as well just let Hazumu know so they can have super lesbian love-love time together, right? I don’t know why she has to act all emo and bring everyone else down. She spent the entire episode trying to lame things up. I just hope her emo vacuum doesn’t cancel out the potential for hilarity and serious lesbianism.

I don’t know if Hazumu was far from being a girl to begin with. I mean, he still hasn’t complained about it once. I don’t mind or anything, I just wanted to point that out. Kashimashi doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary with the way Hazumu behaves. At least there’s enough psuedo yuri packed into each episode to make up for everything else and make things more interesting.

I don’t see how necessary the aliens are to the story at this point, but maybe they will play a more vital role in the future. Perhaps another gender crisis? And Hazumu has to pick what he wants to be? Oooh. Obviously he’ll stay a girl.

The concept of gender confusion, (particularly Hazumu, Tomari, and Yasuna) has enough to keep me glued to the monitor. The possible romances and drama that can be effected are endless, and that sort of thing has always interested me. If you are into the female gay, then you would definitely like Kashimashi. If you are just looking for a cute storyline with the usual comical characters, you’re still at the right place.

Looking forward for more to come.

SIDENOTE1: [EDIT:] PENIS ROCKET MYSTERY SOLVED! (Though it had only been a mystery to ME =,=). Well, Jan Pu is the penis rocket in a different form so basicallyyyy she must be able to transform into the ship again. WHICH LEADS TO AN EVEN GREATER QUESTION: Penis rocket –> cute alien girl with sexy body? How transgendered can this anime get?

SIDENOTE2: Nattou tastes icky. Oh, those wacky aliens and their weird foods.

  • Character Review

Sora Hitoshi: Kind of freaks me out (why does he wear that yellow thing?), but his brains make up for his alien counterpart’s lackthereof. I look forward to him falling in love with an improbable earthling.

Jan Pu: Having an unforunate name, Ms. Pu makes up for it by I guess being an airheaded, happy-go-lucky, and just weird…? penis-ship-turned-hot-alien-girl. She just seems like the random benign cute character.

  • Obligatory Character Comparison

Elbert (Yasuna’s dog) and Chewbacca (Star Wars)?
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