Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora - 05

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The One Minute Which Has Been Stopped

Yuuichi scores! …But not with Rika???

  • Summary

After stabilizing Rika’s condition, Natsume fires off at Yuuichi for being a harassment o_O and lets him know that she’s okay. They believe the surgery can be postponed. Akiko then tells him that she’ll stop time for him for one minute. So he can see Rika.

We have a Natsume flashback with him talking on the phone with his wife Seiko, using the lighter she gave him to light up a cigarette. In the middle of their conversation, she has a heart attack and the phone gets cut off. Natsume is told by a doctor that she has a weak heart and to treasure his remaining time with her.

While out for a walk, Yuuichi gets picked up by Misako, and she has him head back with her to her place. Usually, here I will insert some random nonsense about the characters having mad sex but this time, it’s true. Nearly. Misako winds up talking to him about consolation and how much pain he must be in. They basically make small-talk until she decides to seduce him, undressing both of them, rubbing against his body. She is unbuttoning his pants when the doorbell rings.

Akiko and Natsume had gotten wind of Misako picking up Yuuichi by one of the other nurses. They take off right away for her place, and get there just in time before Misako and Yuuichi are able to go further. Akiko slaps both of them around a bunch of times and advises Yuuichi not to tell Rika about the incident.

Later the next day on the rooftop, Natsume is practicing surgery with cross-stitching and he remembers back to a time when he had cheated on his wife with a beautiful woman. He is serious about Rika’s operation. He tells Yuuichi that he didn’t enter the film in correctly. Akiko comes up to the roof to inform Yuuichi that he has a visitor.

The visitor turns out to be Miyuki, Yuuichi’s friend from school, who came to give Rika her sister’s old school uniform. Yuuichi visits Rika and gives her the uniform, and she tells him that she’ll see the photographs they had taken after her surgery. Before he leaves, she stops him and tells him that he can start reading the book now, but slowly.

Akiko later tells Yuuichi that Rika’s been admitted to the operating room instead of postponing the surgery. He goes to wait by the room with her mom but the woman gives him a really nasty look, so he goes to sit on the floor. Akiko comes to apologize for stealing a photo of Yuuichi when he was little and giving it to Rika. She says that she has never seen Rika so happy, looking at that photo. Rika even taped it onto her leg as a good luck charm for during the surgery.

While he’s waiting, Yuuichi begins to read the book Rika gave him. In a flood of words, he realizes the message she was trying to send him through the book. The character’s line is “At the risk of my life, I will be yours.” Rika wrote an “R” next to the line. After reading this, he cries on the roof.

After the operation is finally done, and Natsume comes out of the room, he tells Yuuichi that Rika’s heart was very fragile and that sewing it also tore it, and that this might be the worst ending for him.

  • Episode Review

SUSPENSE! ACTION! SEX! DRAMA! I’m glad. The amount of excitement stuffed into this one episode makes up for the lackthereof in the previous. I was very surprised. It was racy. Though, the incident with that whore DID seem so random.

I really have no idea what Misako was thinking. I mean, did she just have the hots for Yuuichi ever since she met him in the car with Akiko? Is seducing little boys one of her frequent hobbies, since Akiko knew right away what she had been up to? Was she just trying to play with Yuuichi, or did she just feel bad for him? Why did she cry and freak out when they took Yuuichi away from her? I’m actually not angry with Yuuichi. If you are in a vulnerable, depressed position like that (and a 17 year old male), I think it would be hard to resist a super-hot model. Anyway, that lady freaks me out. I guess little boys aren’t my thing. :P

I still don’t know what Natsume’s problem is, though! Calling Yuuichi a harrassment? Always chasing him away? I know we were let into his painful past a little bit, and I know Yuuichi is supposed to somehow be a repeat of him, but, really…I feel like a lot of story is left out or something, because how can we expect to understand Natsume’s actions towards Yuuichi just with a few flashbacks about his sickly wife? I mean, where does the spite come from? Is he really into Rika or is he just remembering his icky past? What is WITH that guy?! At least Akiko physical hurts him for us.

Way to ruin the photos, Yuuichi. I bet Rika will die, they won’t come out, and he will only be able to treasure the memories in his head. Is the new Japanese generation so advanced that they have no idea how to load camera film? Geez. I’m feeling old now, and I’m not that much older than Yuuichi.

I’m not sure why Rika’s mom is so pissy with Yuuichi, either. It just seems like he has all the bad luck lately. Poor Yuu-chan.

It seems like the ending will be so bleak, but we all expected this, right? I feel prepared. At least I can look forward to the next episode.

  • Character Review

Misako: I never thought I would need to do a character review for her, but since she’s practically raped the protagonist, I guess she’s important enough. I really have no idea what’s in her past that makes her the way she is, but obviously Misako has problems. She’s a former model, and old friend of Akiko.

  • Sidenote

It looks like Yuuichi is getting action from everyone except for Rika herself.

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