Which F/S Night maiden would YOU choose?

February 20, 2006 on 10:57 am | In *Polls |

  • The Poll of Newity!

I feel like all I keep doing is making new poll posts, haha. I shall endeavor to make more episode review posts as well!

As I promised in my last entry, the new poll requires you to choose between one of the various Fate/Stay Night maidens! I personally loathe Sakura, being the Kaede she is, and I will have a hard time choosing between Saber and Rin. And even being the shounen ai fangirl I am at times, Issei in a dress just kind of freaks me out. The tension is obviously mounting, however, and we can only see how the actual anime unfolds!

[EDIT:] For Hung, because I love him: I have now included Ilya and Fuji-nee. No others, though, sorry.

  • Hazumu’s Lovin’ Poll Results

I’m glad Tomari won with 47% over the Me option, and yes, Yasuna finished last at 19%. I have slowly come to dislike Yasuna more but both characters have their faults. Tomari still didn’t win with the majority vote, though, meaning “Me” totally rigged the polls. Oh well, we’re not trying to conduct a study here or anything…Or ARE we?

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