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February 21, 2006 on 9:41 pm | In Black Cat |

Napping Cat

Wait, is that Saya?!

  • Summary

Basically, Train is trying to cross through a mountain to get to his destination, and he winds up seeing a figure that looks exactly like Saya. He passes out and wakes up in the girl’s home, and learns that she is Saki. They interact with each other throughout the episode, but we never really learn the full story behind Saki. Train then wakes up from what has been a dream, apparently, and gets punched in the face by Sven, who has come to retrieve him.

  • Episode Review

I don’t know if this episode was supposed to be torture or what (a look-alike Saya?!) but I felt so frustrated by the end of it. I really, really want Saya to come back, for Train’s sake. And this “dream” or whatever it was doesn’t cut it. Was this whole episode supposed to be symbolic of something…? A devil about to be born? And we don’t get to see the face… No, I did enjoy this episode a lot, especially since it focused on Train semi-Saya intreaction, but the way it ended left me starved. I didn’t want Train to get put back into reality before Saki’s mystery was unraveled.

Hopefully my confusion will be cleared up by later episodes, if not the next. Hopefully this means something good for Train concerning Saya. Hopefully.

One good thing, though. Even though she only had 30 seconds of air time, Eve looked freaking cute.

I thought I would have more to say about this episode, but I guess I don’t.

  • Character Review

Saki: Saki my ass. This was some kind of Saya, or my name isn’t Stacey. Wait, my name isn’t Stacey…o__O

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