Fate/Stay Night - 08

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Shirou may be dumb, but at least he knows how to pimp it wit da ladies.

  • Summary

We’re back to Shirou and Shinji having a little chat with some creepy decor (who uses candles for lighting anymore?). Shinji tries to convince Shirou to have mad homo sex with him and forget about Rin, but Shirou’s all like, “Hello noz, biatch, I likes me some titties!” and Shinji’s all, “But that Rin one wicked mutha,” and I’m like, “Less penis, more Saber!”

After leaving Shinji’s abode, he meets up with Issei and yaoi happens. Hot yaoi that involves the exchange of information between the two. Shinji had told Shirou about a witch eating spirits in the mountain where Issei’s temple is, so he asks Issei what’s up at the monks’ place. He says everything is fine except this beautiful woman has started staying there recently and weird occurrences have started since then.

Shirou gets home to be scolded by Saber and Rin for returning late and making them worry. He then tells them all about Shinji and their little talk, including the info he got about the witch. Saber wants to go there immediately but Rin quiets her and they decide not to. Rin then announces that she will be moving into Shirou’s house and demands a room. Both Saber and Shirou object (for different reasons), but Rin has her way.

As a token of gratitude, Rin is preparing to cook dinner for them that night when Sakura comes to the door, as usual. When she finds out about Rin staying there, too, she looks devastated. But Rin puts that bitch in her place and tells her she is no longer needed at the Emiya household, can leave now, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Surprisingly, Sakura doesn’t take it and just continues on inside to make dinner. Fujinee arrives and is also apalled at the idea of Rin staying, but Rin outsmarts her and gets her way.

That night, Saber and Shirou argue about going to attack the Master/witch at Issei’s temple. When everyone else is asleep, Saber leaves the house to go there, and a mysterious figure is waiting for her.

  • Episode Review

Yay! You all have to face the facts! Fate/Stay Night is a harem show! Which I love! I guess I am just a girl, but the tension between the ladies is way more fascinating than the actual storyline. But at least things are heating up. Hopefully the connections between the characters will save the anime because the battles aren’t too memorable and the action too severe. At least a new plot element has been introduced (Shinji/Rider duo, and the “witch” on top of the mountain at Issei’s temple).

I have to hand it to ya, Shirou, you sure have a way with da womenz, because all you had to do was play fool and they flocked to you. Like Servants to Masters. Har har. Oh and something would have to be horribly wrong (or hard ghey) with Shirou for him to choose Shinji over Rin as allies. I mean, come on. Shinji can’t offer you boobs, cute hair, and little short skirts, though I guess Rider packs a lot more than Rin. And the blindfold/whip combination’s more than a little kinky. Toss-up? I don’t know, I’d rather roll with Rin than shake with Shinji. Okay, that was just lame.

I found Issei’s pretending to be heterosexual quite amusing. I still think he is as flaming as they come, and I’m just waiting for some hot yaoi scene. Okay, not really, but…ISSEI IN A DRESS FTW!

“Damn right, Sakura! You best not step between me and mah man!” Rin. Rocks. So. Hard. Maybe she sounded a bit harsh when she tried to shoo Sakura away, but someone had to say it. I mean, with two womenz sleeping over already and cooking his food, I doubt Shirou needs his annoying kohai around to Kaede the place up. And, GASP! First-name status! What happened to enemies-turned-allies-turned-friends? Now it’s like total sex time between the two. And Saber definitely seemed pissed about it. I want skimpy bikini mud wrestling, and I want it now! I wonder how Sakura will try to up the odds since now TWO women of higher caliber are invading her territory. Tension is mounting! Meanwhile, Shirou acts like he’s not even interested when Saber tries to force herself on him. What kind of man would refuse a hottie like Saber or Rin trying to get into his bed? A ghey one, that’s what. Maybe he should invite Issei over instead. :3

And what’s Fujinee’s right to do anything about the situation? She’s not really much of a guardian to Shirou, so she should mind her own business and stop coming over. He should be able to sleep with as many beautiful women as he wants.

And…to all those who argued with me about Shirou not dying the past episodes…He said he was killed! He referred to the past battles and said he didn’t want to get KILLED again, and he definitely meant killed since he used the word 殺す (korosu: to kill). So, hah! Or something of that nature.

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