Are lolicon and pedophilia wrong?

March 2, 2006 on 1:01 pm | In *Polls, xxxHOLIC |

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I was searching for new poll ideas when this little debate sparked in the comments of one of my REC reviews between Chris, Wyk72, and I, after I made a stretch and related the couple to a loli-pedo pairing. Though the poll question doesn’t really involve REC itself, I thought it would be interesting to know. So. Lolicon and pedophilia? How do you feel? We are talking, full-blown, Lolita 12yr-40yr combination. If you think it is wrong or right, then, in what contexts? Do you believe it is just sick in general, that pedophiles are just misunderstood, that it is okay in anime and fantasy contexts but not real life, or what? I’m really interested to hear the responses. I know how abq from Lolitron would vote.

Here are some useful definitions to take a look at before you condemn or condone:

- Lolicon

- Pedophilia

  • The Victorious Fate/Stay Maiden!

Rin steps behind the podium and sweeps a long, hard glance across the crowd before exclaiming, “VICTORY IZ MEIN!” Indeed, it is, and even with a 45%, I think it is safe to say that we are a Rin crowd. I’m happy with the fact that Sakura is dead third, but Saber should have done better in the runnings. :( I guess she wasn’t Rin enough.

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