Fate/Stay Night - 09

March 5, 2006 on 5:28 pm | In Fate Stay Night |

Elegance Under the Moonlight

Assassins, Riders, and hair, oh my!

  • Summary

Sooo Saber scampers off to the temple, only to run into a trap and wind up dueling with the Servant Assassin. They click their sticks together for a while, during which Rider is snooping about, under Shinji’s agenda. She winds up running into Caster, who she tries to battle until Saber’s super omega attack provides a distraction and she can get away.

All this time, Shirou has discovered Saber’s disappearance and goes after her on his bike, PO’ed as hell.

Back at the duel with Assassin and Saber, Saber is revving up her sword and about to unleash an uber attack on him until Shirou interrupts the battle. Assassin leaves and Saber passes out into Shirou’s arms. He carries her home on his back and is going to take her into his room when Rin stops him and takes Saber herself back to her room. Lame.

Saber wakes up in a little while, and Shirou chews her out for going off on her own and disobeying his orders, and they bicker a little about how she is a Servant who needs to fight, but she is a girl who shouldn’t get hurt, blahblah. Shirou says he’d rather fight and is so adamant that Saber decides to train him with a sword so at least he will be a little more prepared for battle. Training starts the next day.

  • Episode Review

This might be just because I’m a girl, but I felt the Assassin/Saber battle was more of a yawn…I am much more interested in the development between Saber and Shirou. There was nothing really memorable about the duel, and right when it might have gotten interesting with one of Saber’s attacks, it ended. But maybe I am just used to too much green sparklies, colorful sexing, and bankai in anime battles. These few fights have been pretty bland and interrupted at inopportune moments, usually due to interference by Shirou. But I know a lot of others (read: Mentar and Zyl) were extremely excited about this episode, so maybe it is just a difference in style taste. Or gender. Har har.

I think Shirou has a right to be angry this time, because, after all, Saber is his Servant, and should obey his will. It was obvious that Shinji was trying to use the pair for his own devices; otherwise he wouldn’t release such information about the temple. Silly, silly Saber. Maybe their intellects DO match up. Where would they be without the sage advice of Rin? Speaking of Rin…Where is Archer?! T^T We have been deprived too long!

Rin’s impediment to the hawt Saber Shirou action was lame. I wish she could have at least shown a little jealousy instead of just getting in between the two. Shirou was about to take Saber to his bed, too… :(

Next episode looks like one that would appeal to the harem fans like me, so I’m excited. Plus, NAKED SABER!

  • Sidenotes

Only the coolest special secret attacks involve wild animals and 30 seconds of secrecy.

Rider’s hair is teh shizzy. I can’t believe it doesn’t get tangled during all those flips and chain-wielding.

  • Character Review

Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou): The Servant of the Servant Caster. o_O Looks noble but is ruthless, wields a katana.

Caster: A beautiful female Servant, but uses the Servant Assassin as a Servant? Eh? Don’t know much about her personality yet, except that she has seduced the monks and obviously casts spells.

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