Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl - 07

March 11, 2006 on 7:51 pm | In Kashimashi - Girl Meets Girl |

Everyone at the Beach

“Wait a second…Hazumu’s a GIRL?!” Asuta’s revelation: Hazumu has breasts. Nice ones.

Yeah, I’m alive. It would help if new fansubs didn’t all come out on the same day. Though I have no excuse for Kashimashi.

  • Summary

Yasuna invites Hazumu and company to go to the beach. Asuta sees Hazumu in her bikini and barely realizes that she’s a girl now. Well, not barely. But it finally hits him hard. He freaks out and runs off to go buy drinks. On his way back, he sees a couple jerky-looking (the beef kind) guys harassing Hazumu. Asuta acts all manly and tells them to f*ck off, since Hazumu is his girlfriend. After the incident, Hazumu thanks him. Asuta tells her that he’s sorry for calling her his girlfriend, but Hazumu says she doesn’t mind if it’s Asuta saying it. He takes this as another sign that Hazumu likes him.

Meanwhile, the lesbians are being awkward again. Then comes the cooking, meaning Hazumu dons an apron, including Sora, who is just so damn sexy. Tomari and Yasuna go to the store together to buy curry powder, and Asuta and Ayuki stay behind with Hazumu. Asuta has a little inner turmoil before gathering up the courage to confess to Hazumu.

While on their walk, Tomari asks Yasuna why she invited everyone to go with Hazumu and her to the beach. Yasuna said she wanted to learn more about Hazumu, and her friends, and like the same things she does. Including people.

Asuta asks Hazumu what she thinks of him, and finds out that Hazumu thinks of him only as a close friend. Poot. So Asuta doesn’t confess and decides to keep being a good friend to Hazumu, even if the romantic feelings aren’t mutual.

On the train ride back home, Hazumu fall asleep on Yasuna. Tomari tells Yasuna that she likes Hazumu too.

  • Episode Review

NOOOOOOOO! :( Asuta Hazumu action needed to happen! I am so disappointed! Those previews from last ep were such a tease! *sigh* Of course it wouldn’t happen, though, because lesbianism must prevail in this series, but…I was hopeful. Oh well. I can dream, can’t I?

The tables keep turning, and I know the viewer was supposed to feel newfound sympathy for Yasuna’s side but I am still with Tomari on this one. Yasuna will still be an intruder to me until her worth is proven. The childhood-friend card is just way higher than the I’m-gay-because-I-can’t-see-men card.

Crazy sensei totally freaks me out. She is like the antithesis of Japanese women. But I guess her and Sora make a good couple, what with him being so…not even homosexual. Just plain weird.

This episode was another cute one but it might have been a waste of time for people who don’t regard Asuta as a major character or a subplot worth exploiting. Since I am an Asuta fan, of course I enjoyed it. :P

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