Why do you read anime blogs?

March 11, 2006 on 6:03 pm | In *Sama Zama Site, *Polls |

[EDIT:] Oops, forgot to add the actual poll!

  • ニューポール

Random Curiosity had a similar poll a while ago, but I would like to have more detailed feedback! :D

Commence interrogation!

So what do you look for in an anime blog?

Do you read blogs for screenshots? Or just to see what a blogger’s opinion might be on an issue or anime?

What is more important: screenshots, summaries, or reviews/commentaries? What style of blogging do you prefer? Minimalist Jeff or thorough Memento? Note: I’m not asking who is better; these are just extreme examples of different approaches to blogging. And I happen to loves them both. :3

What do you enjoy the most about your favorite blogs?

Along the lines of lazy blogging, how important do you think it is to write a summary for each anime episode? Writing summaries is the most boring thing on the earth to me, since I would rather just write my commentary and be done with it. But summaries might really be appreciated by readers. I don’t know. Maybe people want to spoil themselves? I’m not exactly sure what most people look for when they read my blog or another’s.

I know when I first read blogs, I was trying to find info on particular series, deciding whether they would be worth watching or not. Or sometimes I would look ahead to future episodes to see if a series was worth continuing to watch. Later, I began reading blogs more for their commentaries on episodes interesting to me than for the screenshots or summaries.

Blogging is a hobby for me, but blogs are still meant to be read, so I want to write as well as I can and try to improve. :) I won’t change my entire style according to poll results, but I would like to know what readers look for.

  • Loli Fantasies

So I guess we’ve come to a consensus, huh? Fantasy loli for all! 60% is a fairly solid majority. I’m glad some people did think pedophiles were just misunderstood, since where would we be without guys like abq? I think I would just drop to the floor, spasm, and then die. Alright, not really. Anyway, this topic generated a greater reaction than I thought it would, and I was told by Wyk72 that pedophilia is a hot topic in Europe right now.

As for where I stand? After reading Lolita, I’ve come to sympathize more with pedophiles, but I am pretty much with the other 60%. Loli-pedo fantasies are okay as long as they stay that. Fantasy.show 24 ringtoneringtones ali gringtone 4400 lgma great barrington reed adamringtone 3 down loser doorsamc il barringtonhouse ct adams torrington healthcarebryant 711 barrington il Mapsex underage amateurin teens for missouri columbia activitieshome amatuer sex videoaboriginal sexteen video amaturemovies free amateur sexteens a lyrics100 pics free sex Mapaccepting online cards creditskandia american six xtra creditteachers credit alabama unionin score 3 credit 1cards all creditin credit report 3 1 equifaxaccredited home lendingaccredited tax preparer Map


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