Fate/Stay Night - 10

March 12, 2006 on 1:01 am | In Fate Stay Night |

A Peaceful Interlude

Saber gets naked and Shirou seduces women of all ages! All ages.

  • Summary

The irresponsible student he is, Shirou stays home from school to spend some quality one-on-one time with Saber. Which involves less sex and more furious whacking with sticks. With, not of. And, of course, Shirou being such a pussy, gets totally pwned by the little blonde girl he is always so eager to protect. It is a sad, sad day in Mansville.

After rigorous bouts of anal, er, training, stomachs growl angrily and Shirou scampers off to bring home some food. On his way home from shopping for women’s panties, he runs into Ilya, the fair loli from previous episodes, Master of Berserker. Right now the cyborg Fabio is asleep, so they can have precious Oniichan-Ilya time. Meaning love-love loli? You be the judge.

Rin and Shinji can be seen on the rooftop of the school, and Rin smiles to herself.

After spending forever lolling around with the little girl (pun INtended) and listening to her life story, Berserker wakes up. Ilya scurries off back home to attend to him, and then Shirou realizes how much time he’s spent and remembers to go home to the wifey. Saber is a little sad, as she should be, and Shirou whips up some mean-looking sukiyaki.

Rin comes home, and tells Shirou about how Shinji had tried to team up with her. She had punched Shinji and told him she could never team up with a half-assed Master like he is, to add insult to injury. Rejection? I think very yes.

On the way to take his bath, Shirou runs into a very naked Saber, who is completely devoid of shame and embarrassment. Of course he freaks out, but she tells him that the fact that she’s a Slave comes before the fact that she’s a girl. She wants him to look at her and check out her cute ass, but Shirou just runs off like a frightened homo.

Rin has Shirou go through an exercise in magic, to find out how much he sucks. She has him try to reinforce a small oil lamp but winds up shattering it instead. Rin then has him swallow a jewel to help him turn on his magic circuit. She tells him about duplication of objects, which is very hard to master, and how he is so lame that he will never be able to do it.

After the lesson in sucking, Archer appears to Shirou and tells him off again, obviously pissy that he’s been spending so much time with his lover. He says Rin has the wrong idea about the situation, especially when she worries about Shirou, and tells him that since Rin is such an elite student, she can’t understand that Shirou is too ordinary to be worthwhile to teach. After giving a little magic advice, Archer underlines the fact that they are still enemies and that he will have to kill Shirou sometime.

  • Episode Review

I may just be being really critical, but it seems to me that a lot of the music seems innapropriate for the intended mood. The battle music recycled from previous serious engagements was really out of place during the training between Shirou and Saber. Even if they were supposed to pretending it was a real battle, it wasn’t, and that music sounded really odd for a practice fight between a Master and Servant in which no one could get seriously hurt. The RPG adventure score that was used for Shirou’s shopping also seemed weird. I felt like I was in a game, trekking across mountains waiting for random monster battles…while Shirou did grocery shopping. o_O

Am I the only person who thought Shirou and Ilya were getting a little too close? Like, lolipedo close? Like pseudo forbidden sibling love close? Yikes. It actually made me feel very uncomfortable, because I kept thinking about Saber. I could not imagine my lover cheating on me with a little girl. That would seriously creep me out, even though I don’t hate loli-lovers or anything. And he spent all that time to hug the little girl and came home super late even though Saber and him had been so hungry? “I’ll be right back.” Yeah, right, JERK! I really can’t believe he chose to spend that time with Ilya. Especially holding her.

It’s hard to think of Ilya as a contestant in the harem hijinks, but she seems to have her own agenda with Shirou, and I refuse to think of it as anything innocent. Because it’s anime. I think the fact that Ilya had to run off because Berserker woke up is pretty interesting. Is there a Berserker Ilya love-love connection going on? Or am I just being too creative? I think Archer should be thrown into the mix…He seems a much more likely candidate for Shirou’s heart…

This episode was especially enjoyable for me, maybe because there were more nakeds and less battles. I think if everyone would just drop their clothes and hump each other, the world would be a better place and we’d be a step closer to harmony and peace. :D Yay!

  • Sidenotes

Did Archer beef it up since the last time we saw him? I swear it looks like the effect of steroids. Or seasoning.

Looks like Shirou’s enjoying the ol’ “kettle” a little too much there.

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