Hantsuki - Series Review (6.5/10)

March 18, 2006 on 5:07 pm | In Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora |

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

  • Score

Overall: 6.5/10

Story: 6/10

Character Design: 5/10

Voice: 9/10

Animation: 6/10

Music: 7.5/10

  • Specs

Episodes: 6

Episode Length: 24 minutes

Genre/Theme: Romance, drama, hospital.

  • Overall Review (Commence bashing!)

Hantsuki was not the best romance series I have seen. This could just be a reflection of my preference for comedy over drama, but many agree that there is something lacking in the anime.

If you enjoy hospital-themed dramas, you would probably be interested in Hantsuki, but I wouldn’t expect anything amazing. The story and couple are cute, but not exactly innovative or any cuter than others. Not a terrible anime, but not a great one, either.

  • Story

While I enjoyed the ending, the overall series was not as impressive… I have a few bones to pick.

Six episodes might be too short to completely absorb the viewer in the relationship between Yuuichi and Rika. Or to develop Natsume’s internal character. On the other hand, they might be too long. The main problem in this area is the writers’ focus. I feel a lot of time is wasted with trivial obstacles, while the actual story is lacking in itself. Without the focus on outside interruptions, the story of Rika and Yuuichi would be extremely boring. But because there is so much ruckus around their relationship and the connection between them isn’t somehow enriched as it would be in other stories, the viewer doesn’t a chance to fall in love with the characters. Double-edged sword.

There is also a strong lack of direction. Is this series supposed to be serious? If so, then where is the reality? A boy scaling buildings and a guy named Zebra Mask hardly inspire lucidity. Is this series supposed to be a love comedy? If so, then why the angst? Why the literature and half-moon? Where is the comic relief? Yuuichi getting hit on the head with oranges doesn’t count.

  • Chracter Design

I remain unimpressed with the character design and backstories (for those who had any) as well. I agree with Garten on this one: Yuuichi, being the protagonist, is also the most unimaginative design. His personality remained undeveloped throughout the anime, and he was more of a tool for the plot than an actual force. The plot drove him, not the other way around. And while the majority of the cast is at least likeable, none are loveable. It is established that, yes, despite any outstanding faults, every character is a good person. They mean well. Even the jerk Natsume means well. But this did not carry over enough for me. Of course the characters mean well. They always do. Now what? I am not touched by them, I am not driven to tears by any little speeches. These are two-dimensional characters. There is nothing dynamic about any of them. They are too bland to be considered real, even within the context of the anime.

  • Animation

The animation isn’t something to look at, and I was usually at a loss for what kind of screenshots to take, since there are no particularly interesting angles or views in the anime. Detail is kind of glossed over by the artists, but some could argue that that is simply the style of the anime. In either case, I still feel that the opening animation is a lot more rich and beautiful than the actual episodes.

  • Voice

I thought the voice acting was decent. It’s not the seiyuu’s fault if they get terrible scripts or characters.

  • Music

Music received one of the higher ratings simply because the OP and ED were great songs. The music used within the episodes wasn’t as impressive, though the violins, acoustic guitar, and piano inserted at various instances served their dramatic and angsty purposes well.

Opening: “Aoi Koufuku” by Nobuko

Ending: “Kioku no Kakera” by Nobuko

  • Favorite Characters

Akiko: Female yakuza badasses are always No. 1 on my list. She was one of the most interesting characters, if a minor one. I enjoyed her tough exterior and soft interior. Plus, she provided most of the comic relief.

Tsukasa: His Zebra Mask gimmick is pretty lame, but throughout the series, he is a great guy and always seeks to help out Yuuichi. Minor character or not, I still felt warm feelings for him. :)

  • Least Favorite Character

Natsume: Even at the end, I did not feel like Natsume meant well. His pathetic backstory did little to redeem him in my eyes. He was a jerk and will continue to be a jerk. Nothing can rationalize what he tried to do to Rika and Yuuichi.


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