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The Children’s Hour

(*^o^*)オ(*^O^*)カ(*^e^*)エ(*^ー^*)リーー!Pantyshots, rape, and more!

  • Summary

Fumihiko and Aka’s Ha campaign is becoming more popular, and they actually have a lot of customers. Next door, however, there’s a live broadcast for a famous show, so one of the workers there ask Fumihiko to keep his campaign music and everything quiet for just 10 minutes. He agrees and then goes with Aka to see the taping. He wants the cameras to focus on her so that she’ll gain popularity, but they are all the way in the back of the crowd gathered and can’t even see the show. So, as graceful as he is, Fumihiko winds up falling through the crowd and pushing Aka and himself into the camera’s view, upsetting the set. Aka falls in such a way that her legs are wide open, facing the camera, with a Ha snack in between them. :O Pantsu!

Due to the little incident, Ha sales skyrocket and Aka lands more jobs and better parts. She feels kind of bad about it and is afraid that she owes her popularity completely to her pantyshot, but her agent tries to cheer her up.

Fumihiko purchases a Neko-ki doll to give to Aka when he sees her, and on the way home from work, he hears her being interviewed on the radio. When he gets home, however, she is still gone, so he goes to bed. She comes home late to find him already asleep.

When Fumihiko wakes up, Aka is getting ready to go to audition and be a guest for an event, even though it’s Sunday (his only day off). She says there’s the most work on Sundays. He then attempts to rape her because they haven’t gotten much time together lately, but she pushes him off and reminds him that they merely live together—no love-love. Fumihiko then complains about how it’s so annoying to live with a girl that isn’t his girlfriend, so Aka gets angry and tells him that she’ll move out once she gets enough money.

After trying several times to record a line saying “okaerinasai”, Aka is able to do it successfully when she pretends she’s saying it to Fumihiko. Aww. Both of them are emo and stuff about her moving out. End!

  • Episode Review

o___O This review has been sitting in the queue forever, and I just kept forgetting to upload the screenshots for it…But here it is! Yay. Weekdays are very hectic, so I usually only update a few times a week. T^T

This show just gets cuter and cuter! I still don’t know how much I accept Fumihiko’s pervy side, but at least we know he has special feelings for Aka other than just “Hey it’s a girl in my apartment to bone.” Pouncing on her just seemed sudden, random, and unnecessary. He seemed especially jerky when he said it was such an annoyance to live with a girl who wasn’t his girlfriend. I guess this was his way of showing his affection and how much he missed spending time with her. o_O At least the “okaerinasai” theme produced a really warm feeling throughout the episode.

I’m surprised Aka didn’t hate Fumihiko for wrecking that show and displaying her panties to the world on TV. I know it helped them both, since Ha sales went up (I wonder why) and Aka got more opportunities, but she still looked a little uncomfortable about the situation. Usually anything can get her mad, and she had to be reassured by her agent that she wasn’t getting jobs because of her panties. But we know it’s all about the pantsu. No use denying it.

So halfway through the series, Aka begins to realize her feelings for Fumihiko. I don’t really understand why a lot of characters in movies, drama, or anime are in denial about their feelings for another. Some recent examples are Karin Usui in Karin, Saber Shirou Rin in FS Night, and Tomari in Kashimashi. That is like 90% of the series I am blogging right now. wait, I guess it can be applied to some of the characters in Black Cat, too. I guess it’s just too boring for people to know they like each other right away. Or something. Plus, there are episodes to fill! I like it this way, of course, because the slow-mo romance in anime appeals to me. I just think the whole, “Oh my God, I LIKE this person!” revelation is pretty funny. As if it had hit them out of nowhere. The culture is a lot different from that of the U.S., in my opinion. Sure, in half of our romance movies, characters will deny their feelings for each other, but I think the other half contains more of a “chasing” plot: Guy sees girl, guy likes girl, guy chases girl. With hilarious hijinks to boot.

REC is proving to be engaging, and the shortness of the episodes provide greater cravings for more. The fact that there are few episodes and that they are half as long as usual might help account for why viewers can be so absorbed with the Aka Fumihiko pairing without any rivals or character interruptions thrown in to make it more entertaining, as in most romantic comedies.

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