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  • What is the best kind of classic episode?

Anime, like any other culture, is one of stereotypes. One of its well-known gimmicks is classic episodes, the obligatory fun episodes which occur in nearly any anime series of adequate length and usually do nothing in the way of advancing the plot, unless it be a harem or love comedy series. Many H-game and harem series sport nearly all the different types of filler, since these episodes usually cater to the otaku, fanservice-craving type.

Now, for the list of obligatory episodes!

The Swimsuit Special.
Present in Karin, Kashimashi, SHUFFLE!, Suzuka, School Rumble, Love Hina, and many, many others.
Sekushi School Rumble trio. Extremely popular among the males of the anime series, this episode will usually involve a trip to the beach, water park, or swim competition, and plenty of nice shots with cute girls in bikinis/swimsuits. The animators’ main focus for the mature females is to create the curviest, shiniest, most balloon-like curves as possible. No anime girl would be complete without a huge white circle shine emanating from her bountiful bosom! Otherwise, middle schooler loli may be emphasized (see: Primula from SHUFFLE!). Despite their lack of curves, they are still just as shiny in some way. In addition to all this, a girl will typically lose her swimsuit top somehow in the water.

The Onsen (Hot Springs).
Present in Fruits Basket, School Rumble, Love Hina, Suzuka, REC, and more.
Aka getting hot and bothered in REC.Stereotypical onsen trips will lead to wild lesbian predicaments, usually including a ritual “breast check” (think, “Ohh, you got bigger, didn’t youuu?”). There will also be some terrible misunderstanding and a man will somehow barge in on the naked women or woman, only to be hurt physically. (Most likely the male protagonist misreading the sign for male and female bathing areas). It’s like the steam makes the male gender illiterate on contact or something.

Lingerie Shopping.
Present in SHUFFLE!, Chobits, Mai Hime Special, Kashimashi, and more.
SHUFFLE! Primula: Lovely loli lingerie! The obligatory panty-sampling, usually involving major embarrassment on the male lead’s part. You think he’d stop complaining and just enjoy the show. The underwear tried on and purchased is usually so cute and glorious that it makes Saria a very envious girl. Despite so many guys witnessing filler episodes like these, almost every male I meet, otaku or not, is too squeamish to enter Victoria’s Secret with a girl, let alone by themselves. Don’t you know panties are the best gift for your girlfriend? Geez!

Valentine’s Day.
Present in Fruits Basket, Black Cat, Ichigo 100%, and more.
Ichigo 100% loot! Probably the most enjoyable for non-ero fans, Valentine’s Day episodes contain the usual homemade chocolate-making by girls with ridiculous and horrendous results—terrible-tasting chocolate, misunderstood intentions, failures to communicate, etc. These girls have obviously never heard of purchasing food items and pretending they’re homemade. [For those unaware of Japanese culture, during Valentine’s Day, girls give chocolate to boys they like, and if they really want to show their affection, they will make the chocolate themselves. Other chocolate is also distributed to male coworkers or bosses. White Day, march 14th, is when males return the favor.]

The School/Summer Festival.. *New Poll Option Added*
Present in Fruits Basket, Mai-Hime, Karin, and more.
Mai-HIME: Big breasts in yukata FTW! Festivals are big in Japan and anime, especially the summer festival, which involves wearing the yukata, a light summer robe version of the kimono. It is apparently a big thing to see girls with their hair fixed up and their bodies clothed in yukata. My Japanese friend said it’s because yukata are easy to take off. But he may just be ecchi.These festivals occur often in anime, usually the summer nighttime festival with many traditional games and booths, which serves as a date opportunity for the lovers. School festivals are similar except they are much smaller, only school-wide, and consist of various club booths and activities. Either way, the setup and duration is a potential date opportunity.

Anyone who can find an anime with every type in it will get a cookie and chu.

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