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March 24, 2006 on 9:48 pm | In REC |

War and Peace

Yes, yes, Saria is alive, SARIA IS ALIVE! Let the people rejoice! (Or care?)

Hot springs action and making up. What could be more exciting…Or not?

  • Summary

Fumihiko is the color in Aka’s life, and Aka is the color in Fumihiko’s life. How nice. Both are emo about missing each other, and the situation between the two is still awkward ever since that fight. But a chance to make up comes in the form of a trip together to Niigata for the Ha product campaign. They wind up together in the hot springs during mixed bathing hours, and are about to speak their minds to each other when their colleague Hataka bursts into the bath noisily. Aka’s agent later tells Fumihiko about the situation with Aka sleeping in the office. Aka is in her room crying up a storm, and Fumihiko comes in to talk with her about everything. She tells him about a new job offer she got and how she is sad because it would mean leaving the Ha campaign and not seeing him anymore. Fumihiko provides a solution: they record her voice for the campaign, and she goes to her better job, but moves in with him again so that they will always see each other. (Yay!) And so Aka moves back into the apartment, and everything is better again. For the time being, at least.

  • Episode Review

Oh, all the cockblocking that goes on in real life and in anime. I suppose it was necessary to put off the resolution to the end of the 10 minutes but I was still pretty annoyed.

While REC continues to be cute and entertaining, this episode was a bit of a yawn for me. It was nice to see the couple kiss and make up again, but the majority of this episode was a lot of dead air, nowhere-conversation in the hot springs or not. The only thing the hot springs did for me was make me want to go to an onsen myself…T^T

The funny is nearly nonexistent at this point, so the show is relying on its dramatic attitude, but…even the drama is lacking and not enough to keep it afloat. While Aka did cry a lot in this episode, it wasn’t moving. Her tears were dried in a 2 minute time frame, so they didn’t seem much of a threat to her wellbeing, and I didn’t feel very sorry.

I guess the short episode length and number series is proving to be more of a hindrance than I once believed, since the development between Fumihiko and Aka still seems immature, and there are only 20 minutes left to go…大丈夫かな・・・?

Yeah, I don’t know why I put off writing this brief review, either. o_O

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