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Elda’s Love Story is Embarrassing
エルダの恋バナは 恥ずかしい

Forget interracial dating—interspecies is the way to go!

  • Summary

Usui is saved from Elda’s clutches when Anju intervenes. Karin’s grandmother then explains why she has been so intent on biting Usui.

Elda tells her secret past to Karin—the love affair between her and a human named Alfred. Back then (centuries ago), humans still believed in vampires so they found them and burnt them in the sun. No one believed vampires and humans could ever coexist peacefully, except the very in love couple Alfred and Elda. Then, one day, Al’s father finds out about his vampiric love and locks him up, and then attempts to shoot Elda in an effort to get her to stay away from his son. The town comes with torches and the like to raid her house and set fire to it. Ed had escaped and both the lovers are in the burning house. In order to save themselves, Elda had to drink his blood, since she was feeling weak. But Elda’s taste in blood is one person’s love for another. So when she sucked Al’s blood, he stopped loving her and turned around and stabbed her with a wooden stake (or STEAK…mmm), disgusted and scared of her vampiric being.

After losing her one and only true love to hatred and intolerance, Elda goes on a rampage and begins mistrusting all humans and sucking their blood. From that point on, she decides that a human and a vampire together can only bring suffering. She tells this to Karin for her own good, and decides to bite Kenta to prevent the suffering she believes the two will experience.

  • Episode Review

As someone who has had issues with lovers’ parents, usually because I was not the right race, I completely understood how Elda felt in her situation with Alfred’s parents. Except that my boyfriend’s parents never tried threatening me and burning my house down. So maybe she had it a little worse. Just maybe.

Despite her emotional backstory, however, I still don’t approve of Elda’s interference in Karin’s love life. I think she is hardly justified, for a number of reasons:

  1. Even if biting Usui and thus sucking out his love for Karin would prevent future emotional suffering, any love would inevitably cause suffering. Romance causes both pain and happiness, regardless of race…or species.
  2. Elda’s reference is from centuries ago, when humans even believed vampires truly existed and went on witch hunts and the like. I doubt Karin is that susceptible to pitchforks and torches in 21st century Japan. Anyone who was told Karin is a vampire would laugh and nothing would come of it, really.
  3. What ruined Elda’s relationship was the dire situation caused by Alfred’s father, not the actual concept that humans cannot coexist peacefully with vampires.
  4. Karin and Usui make such a great couple, damn it!

Okay, there’s my little half-serious rant. But, of course, for the purposes of this anime, the show must be interrupted by somethingbreast jokes alone can only keep it afloat for so long.

Anyway, Elda’s story was enjoyable, if indeed an interruption. It was interesting drawing the parallels between society’s antagonism of interracial dating and Elda/Al’s situation. The entire Elda arc might be necessary just to drive the couple closer, or at least keep the plot motivated. We’ll see. It looks like she leaves next episode, anyway.

On the subject of interracial dating, by the way…I’m a flaming liberal and I love Japanese men, so…I’m all for mixing things up. :)

  • Character Review

Alfred: Elda’s human lover from when she was young, centuries ago. He was a compassionate botanist who loved Elda for who she was regardless of her being a vampire, until Elda sucked his blood and his love for her was stripped away from him. As cliche as he is, I still like Alfred’s genuinity as a person. He is, of course, a character foil to Usui.

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