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Farewell Elda is Embarrassing
さらばエルダで 恥ずかしい

An indirect kiss?! How far the morals of the youth have fallen!

  • Summary

It’s the Shiihaba School Festival that everyone has been waiting and preparing for at school (including Usui and Karin)! Usui, Karin, Winner, and Maki are all working in a haunted house. Usui’s eye is really scaring everyone. :3

Usui and Karin take their break together, and Karin’s paranoid, on the look-out for her grandmother after Elda said she was going to suck his blood. They get food together, and wind up sharing a plate. When they share the same pair of chopsticks, they experience an indirect kiss, though Karin seems to be the only one who noticed anything.

Meanwhile, Elda’s stirring up trouble and sucking the blood of couples so that they turn all lovey-dovey to kill mode. When Karin finds one of those couples fighting, she knows Elda is on the prowl, so she goes out to find her grandmother and protect Usui. She then speaks with Karin, who finally confesses to one of her family members that Usui’s an important person to her and that she doesn’t want anyone messing with him because she likes him. (Oh em gee!) Usui overhears classmates talking about Karin rushing out of the haunted house, so he runs off to look for her. He finds her and Elda sitting on the roof, and the situation turns so dire that Karin’s nose explodes as usual, and she passes out. When Elda finds out about her granddaughter being a blood-making vampire, she becomes even more motivated to suck Usui’s blood, and holds him immobile with a spell. Anju and Ren watch from a distance, and Winner is running around looking for Karin.

Before Elda bites Usui, he explains his life plan about living a respectable life with a family someday. His dreams for his future now have a figure with the clear face of Karin by his side as his wife and the mother of his kids. He tells Elda not to try to control their futures, because no one knows what the future might bring. Elda is about to go apeshit on Usui when Winner bursts into the scene and rocks the billboard that everyone was standing on, sending Karin plummeting to the ground. She’s caught by the heroic Usui, though Winner sees Karin’s blood and passed out onto them, sending them all falling until Anju’s cloud of bats saves them.

Back at the Marker home, Elda leaves a note for the parents bidding her farewell and informing them that she is going out in the world to find a “solution” for Karin’s situation.

Winner wakes up on a bench to Maki, who drags him off to watch the fireworks together. Everyone is dancing around the fire at the end of the festivities, including Karin and Usui, who are arm-in-arm.

  • Episode Review

I wish we had school festivals that awesome in the U.S.! Especially ones with meido and nekomimi cafes…

This episode was cute! The relationship between Karin and Usui seems to really be progressing now, what with their blushing together and looking like a couple. This makes me happy. I for one was happy to see Elda off. It seems her arc only interrupted the series to imprint “Humans + Vampires = Suffering” in Karin’s mind, which is pretty dumb.

Usui’s confirmation of Karin as the future wife and mother of his kids in his dreams made me squee. In the previous episode when he fantasized about the future, the figure who represented his future partner was not filled in. The way he saved Karin from falling was pretty heroic, too. Oh, Usui! *swoon?*

Winner continues to be an annoying interruption, but I can’t help but foster some affection for him somewhere in my heart. It might be his messy blond hair or forced foreigner accent.

The next episode about Karin’s brother better not lame things up.

  • Sidenotes

All was well and good with this episode, except for one thing that really bugged me (right). I mean, WTF? She could do so much better. But maybe this will finally mean a permanent job without much sexual harrassment and rape. Remember, you can’t rape the willing!


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