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April 10, 2006 on 3:47 pm | In Karin |

Brother’s Secret is Embarrassing
兄キのヒミツは 恥ずかしい

Oh. Hell. Yes. That’s right. They went there. This anime has just won 500 Saria points in one episode for pure shounen-ai goodness.

  • Summary

We learn about Ren’s past when he was a teenager attending an all-boys academy in high school. He has a roommate named Fujitani that acts very much like a girl. Both really want to leave the academy and can’t wait until they graduate. They also get a lot of crap from the uber ghey student council, which insist on them joining since they are so “beautiful.” One day, Fujitani is so angry about being in the institution and subjected to the student council’s abuse that he punches the wall, causing his hand to bleed. The sight of his blood sparks something in Ren and he reaches for the girly boy’s hand and licks it, to Fujitani’s surprise. From that point on, Ren finds himself transfixed with Fujitani’s being, even enough to confuse him for a girl.

Since of course both Ren and Fujitani resist the student council’s attemps to get them to join, the council kidnaps Fujitani to make Ren rescue him. By now, Ren has awakened as a vampire and is frolicking about, jumping rooftops. He beats up the council’s bodyguards and rescures Fujitani, then sucks his blood. He confirms that he would never touch a guy sexually, and Fujitani talks about how he wants to play around with girls when he gets out of the academy. Sure enough, in the present, Ren and Fujitani pass each other on the street, and both are pimpin’ it up with da ladies.

  • Episode Review

I was 200% pleasantly super happy sunshine surprised about the content of Ren’s own backstory! YES! I respect the writers so much more for pulling off something I had never expected. When I saw the title, “Big Brother’s Secret is Embarrassing,” I thought it would be something lame and vampire power-related, or maybe some love story about him and a girl. But a shounen-ai bit?! It was brilliant! I had never imagined Ren as the shounen-ai type, but it was perfect. I also never imagined any homosexual content (other than the occasional yuri tease) from this anime, despite the fact that it is greatly shoujo.

After growing accustomed to his defiant, flippant older self, it was very amusing to see Ren in this context, as someone vulnerable, confused, and unsure of himself, his sexuality, and his feelings. Seeing Ren as his usual rebellious self in teenager form was refreshing, especially when he blushed from getting too close to Fujitani. The episode contained many common shounen-ai elements, poking fun at the stereotypical series of that genre.

I know some male viewers might have been put off by this brief homoerotic interlude, but I assure everyone that the plot returns to its original point next episode. And I do admit the teenage boy angst got a little too heavy and pathetic for me in some parts. But how can one not appreciate the funneh that this episode brought, in all its ghey glory? Of course, I could be biased, what with my being FEMALE and absolutely LOVING shounen-ai.

Verdict: Best. Karin. Episode. Ever.

  • Character Review

Fujitani Makoto: Literally Ren’s “secret,” he was his roommate during high school at an all-boys academy. Fujitani was also the catalyst that awakened Ren’s vampirism when he tasted his blood. The stereotypical “girl” of any shounen-ai relationship, Fujitani also might have won Ren’s heart long ago… He claims to desire to be a ladies man, but we all know the real truth!


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