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April 22, 2006 on 1:38 pm | In Karin |

A Couple’s Eve is Embarassing
ふたりのイブは 恥ずかしい

A Christmas episode in spring! Karin knits her love into her present stitch by stitch.

  • Summary

Karin and Maki are in a store together when Maki suggests to our vampire heroine that she should get Usui some mittens for Christmas. She then shows off her hand-knit scarf for Winner. Karin decides that since Maki is trying hard for Christmas, she should too, and picks up knitting supplies for Usui’s gift. The same day, she brings home cake from Julian’s and eats some with Anju, whose eyes widen when she tastes the cake. The rest of her slice remains untouched.

On Christmas Eve, Usui and Karin are working a cake stand for Julian. Karin is wearing a cute Santa dress and Usui is wearing an embarrassing, huge reindeer getup. While they stand together, Usui tells her a little about his life in the countryside, and why the cold was different there. He wonders why he spoke about that time at all, since he usually never talks about it since it contains bad memories about his father not being there.

When Usui gets home, he discovers his mother has bought a new heater, and they sit in front of it and talk a little about that time back in the countryside. Usui asks his mom what his dad was like.

Back at home, Karin gets a call from Maki about finishing the scarf for Winner. She says she’s going to confess to Winner at the same time she gives him the present.

On Christmas Day, Karin and Usui are working the cake stand again. Usui looks cuter because he’s in a matching Santa costume now. Karin is trying to work up the courage to give her present to Usui. He then tells her about how he had asked his mom the previous night about his dad, and how the reason he had asked for the first time was probably thanks to Karin. He says he feels relieved when he’s with her, so he hopes she’ll stay with him forever. Karin wonders what he means by that, and then presents her gift to him: blue hand-knit mittens. He is worried about her being cold, so he gives her one of the mittens and then puts her hand with his inside his pocket.

While Usui and Karin’s romance is blooming, Maki isn’t having such a great time herself. She runs into Winner, but he still forgets her name and is in a hurry. She is about to give him the present and confess, but Winner asks for her forgiveness. He asks if her insignificant conversation could wait till later since he’s in a rush, then runs off. Maki is left alone crying. Winner continues running, freaking out since his great grandpa has come to Japan. The grandfather is in the same vampire-hunting clothes as Winner, and he proclaims, “I won’t let you get away this time, Marker clan” in an ominous tone.

  • Episode Review

It was kind of surreal to watch a Christmas episode in the middle of spring, but I guess it can’t be helped, eh? There must be a Christmas episode! This one was pretty cute, I must admit. The nature of Christmas is a lot different in Japan than the U.S. In Japan, Christmas Eve is a very romantic time, usually spent together by couples. In the U.S., most families expect you to be home with them for Christmas Eve and Day for dinners and lunches and whatnot. It is much more a family holiday than a romantic one.

Karin and Usui are forming a tighter and tighter bond, and Usui made somewhat of a breakthrough this episode with his quasi-confession. I was worried about the number of episodes left in relation to their rapid progression as a couple, but the emergence of Winner’s relative should shake up things a bit. I just hope to God that he isn’t Elda’s old lover, because that would be the ultimate cheese. Fortunately, I don’t think it’s quite feasible considering the time frames, unless the grandfather is immortal or something.

And I’m not sure whether to consider Winner the Uber Jerk or not, because it’s not exactly his fault he had to be in such a rush or anything. It’s not like he knew what Maki was going to say. Though it was pretty rude to just ignore everything and dash off, but he still had his reasons.

Anju’s strange behavior is also questionable, and will probably be addressed next episode, according to the previews. She left her cake untouched, which is unusual, as well as feared the loss of communication with Boogie-kun at the end of the episode. Hmmmm…

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