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What should I do? This is Embarrassing
どうすればいいのか 恥ずかしい

Kinship vs. Friendship vs. Love…And you thought teenage life was easy! Would you like a little anime with that drama?

  • Summary

Earlier, Victor Sinclair, the grandfather of Winner, comes upon a vampire village with all the windows turned away from the sun. He gets ready to set fire to the church there.

Karin is dazed after getting the message from her grandmother that a cure for her incomplete vampirism has been found. Meanwhile, Usui is still waiting for her since 5pm, and her family is tense about the information from the grandma. Anju muses that once Karin becomes a vampire, she can no longer see Usui.

By the time Karin remembers about Usui, it’s already 6pm. Just as he steps into a phone booth to call her cell, she runs to the meeting place. They both just miss each other. Karin had left her phone on the bench near the sea.

Elda returns from her journey and finds Karin’s phone. While Karin sulks near a rail, two guys come up to her and start pressuring her to spend time with them. They corner her into an alleyway.

Winner’s grandfather gears him up for some vampire-huntin’ and shows him a special device to use for tracking down the vampires. They run off together according to the direction indicated by the gadget, only to split up. Winner winds up finding Karin getting assaulted in the alleyway, and attempts to beat the guys up, but fails due to a dirty trick they play. After the guys leave, Karin and Winner go to sit on a fountain to rest. Meanwhile, Victor discovers Elda and winds up fighting with her. He tells her that his device uses her blood to track down anyone from the Marker clan. The two fight until they get to the fountain, and then Winner finds out that Elda is Karin’s grandmother, and that Karin is indeed a vampire, and part of the Marker clan. Stunned, he’s handed a gun by his grandfather to kill Karin. He points the gun at her but can’t do it because he is in love with her. He recalls his memories with her. He says that Karin is his first love, and he doesn’t care if she’s a vampire.

Winner blocks his grandfather’s path so that Elda and Karin may escape. Victor catches up to them and Karin runs while Elda stays behind.

But Karin doesn’t know where to run to…

  • Episode Review

I don’t know if something is wrong with me, but I actually shed a tear for Winner. I don’t really believe in love at first sight or a lot of this infatuation nonsense, but he really is a decent guy, even if he can be absent-minded and not notice others around him (Maki). Plus, he looked pretty cool getting beat up I’m glad the revelation that Karin is a vampire didn’t phase him enough to discard his love. The Karin Winner pairing is actually kind of interesting, at least as a distractor until the inevitable happy ending. I feel sorry for Winner, since he’s obviously not going to get the girl.

Throughout this entire episode, I felt such anxiety watching Usui wait for Karin. You can’t imagine how mad I was driven when they barely missed each other in that one scene! Ahh. I was waiting for him to catch sight of Karin and Winner together, and all hell breaking loose.

Obviously Karin turning into a real vampire is a bad thing, or else Karin wouldn’t be so shocked and unsure about it. I can only imagine what the remedy would be. Biting her true love? Or maybe biting her first? Sounds pretty cheesy. Though I wonder about what Anju mentioned, how Karin wouldn’t be able to see Usui once she turns into a true vampire. What is all that about? Why not? I don’t see how that would change things, except that Karin would need to wear really protective clothing and/or only see him at night. But hey, Usui can work graveyard shift. Right?

The Sinclair/Marker feud is a little cheese-infested, but at least it provides some conflict. I am just waiting for Elda to drop the bomb on Victor and tell him that his great grandfather and her had been in love or something. What’s up with old family feuds, anyway? It’s been hundreds of years—get over it!

But man, what an emotional day for Karin. It spanned over two episodes and had enough emo to feed a whole hungry band of garage artists. Maki getting bitten, a fight with her sister, the news from her grandmother about her vampirism, sexual assault, missing her date with Usui, the revelation of her secret, being held at gunpoint…And it’s not over yet!

Keep it up, Karin!

  • Character Review

Victor Sinclair: Winner’s grandfather, another vampire hunter. He is determined to win the ancient feud against the Marker clan of vampires, and mindlessly dribbles about his ancestors being wronged. Lives in the past, not the present. Get with the times, man!

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