Fate/Stay Night - 13

April 23, 2006 on 2:00 pm | In Fate Stay Night |

Winter Castle

Shirou gets a little too close to the loli and is forced to pay the price.

  • Summary

Somehow, I don’t feel a need to write summaries for Fate/Stay anymore.

  • Episode Review
  • Okay, I’m sorry, but the situation is retarded all around.

    • First of all, the characters need to stop thinking with their penises (and vaginas) and actually act rationally in battles for once. If the Noble Phantasorgasm was so powerful that it would take nearly all of Saber’s mana, it could have waited. Or at least the two could have communicated better so that Shirou wouldn’t be a dumbass and run up to the roof. Communication, guys. Every relationship needs it to work. And the creepy dream thing Shirou had doesn’t count. That was like memory eavesdropping.
    • Secondly, if the Noble Phantorgasm is so draining on Servants, and it is the only way for them to win the Holy Grail War, how the hell is anyone supposed to fight? Saber was supposed to have the most mana out of any of the Servants, and she’s going to disappear for using hers? That doesn’t make sense. If that’s the case, then why did Rider and Shinji do so well up until now? If this thing is so crucial to the War, it shouldn’t be such a burden on the Servants. It’s like giving a bunch of little armored babies huge heavy swords to kill each other when they can’t even lift them.
    • Third, if Rin and Archer are supposed to be such great allies, why are they so useless to Shirou? Is it really necessary for Saber to go find Shirou herself at all? What happened to the enemies with privileges? God Shirou, how much of a dumbass do you have to be to let an enemy master leech off you for room and board and rest their Servant at your place with absolutely no compensation. I wouldn’t take any of Archer’s crap. If he were so great, he wouldn’t need like 10 episodes to recover.
    • Lastly, how much of a pussy do you need to be in order to be totally captured by a loli half your height? The idea that it’s this easy for another Master to completely control Shirou and lock him up in their huge mansion by just looking into his eyes is not a comforting one.

What happened to the sexy Shirou of yesterday? What a short-lived fantasy. We’re back to totally lame pussy again. And now even Saber’s reputation is waning. I think she lost a few braincells along with that mana.

But, it’s official. Saber is 5.9742 × 10^24 manlier than Shirou. King Arthur >>> little boy getting bitch-teased by loli. A female figure (especially one as fair as Saber) playing the legend is such an awesome concept.

This is what happens when you dabble too much with loli in Japan. You don’t get arrested, but you get tied up to a chair and played with. For a little girl, Ilya sure is the dominatrix type. I guess some lolitrons wouldn’t mind being dominated by a prepube, though… Assuming she’s even prepube. O_O

  • Sidenote

Is it just me, or are the animators getting a little “lax” with their job lately? Some of the shadows seem totally random and out of control. They practically gave Shirou boobs this time around, and Saber’s shirt has looked uber wrinkly and just odd.

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