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Being Like a Lost Child is Embarrassing

FAMILIES…What are they good for? Absolutely nothin’…

  • Summary

After wandering the town for a long time, and with nowhere to run, Karin turns to Maki. Meanwhile, Elda and Victor are still at it, to the dismay of Winner. Later, Victor disowns Winner for his disgrace and Usui tries to find out what happened to Karin when he runs into Ren, who corners him and takes him to a parking lot to “talk.”

After a little intermission in the fight with Elda, Victor Sinclair is back with Winner, surveying a new set of old weapons he’s unearthed from his collection. Winner has absolutely no enthusiasm for vampire hunting now. When his grandfather gets a mysterious phone call and begins to leave, he tries to follow him, only to get pushed to the ground and disowned for “flinching” away from a vampire and being a “disgrace” to the Sinclair family.

In the parking lot, Ren shows Usui the extent of his burns from the sun, despite the fact that his clothes completely cover his skin. He says that even though the burns heal extremely fast, vampires can still feel the pain. He is trying to demonstrate to Usui the difference between humans and vampires. He then drops the bomb on Usui about the complete vampire news. Usui argues the entire time with Ren, yelling that Karin is different, and asking if complete vampirism is what she actually wants.Ren actually bows to him and begs for Usui to give Karin back to her family.

Meanwhile, Maki is trying her best to cheer up Karin by acting cheerful and going on a “date” with her. They go to a theme park and ride in a huge ferris wheel. Karin doesn’t crack a smile, though, so Maki tells her to go to the person she really needs to talk with and figure out things with. The one she really wants to be with.

Karin agrees and leaves to run after Usui to tell him everything about how she feels. She finds Usui walking in the park after leaving Ren and runs into his arms. She hugs him and is about to confess when he pushes her away and tells her about Ren. Remembering back to his own family situation, he tells her he has never believed in breaking up families. He thanks her for the bento boxes and then runs from her, leaving her crying.

  • Episode Review

Okay, this one made me cry. Stupid families always getting in the way of love! There are so many reasons Karin should stay how she is. Incomplete body or not, she loves the sun, loves to cook, loves school, loves her friends, and loves Usui! What is waiting for her in the dark? A dysfunctional family that has almost nothing in common with her? How is Usui “stealing” her away? It’s not like Karin will be any closer to her family than she is now if she becomes a full vampire. They still function in the same way as a family, even with their different sleep schedules.

Victor Sinclair is becoming more of an impediment to the plot as far as I’m concerned. He is pretty much a blind jerk to cast away his grandson and continue on with this ridiculous feud. Poor Winner. It doesn’t look like he has anywhere to go to…Except…Maki? Maybe he’ll finally remember her name.

The last plot opener left looks like the remedy to Karin’s incomplete vampirism. What needs to be done in order for her to become a true vampire? Hopefully something like Ren getting naked and having sex with Usui or something. Hey, I’m just sayin’…

  • Sidenote

Aww, I’ve always wanted to go on one of these huge ferris wheels for so long! :( There was the London Eye, a huge one in England, but we didn’t have time to go on… Who is going to take me to one of these big ferris wheels, huh???

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