Spring 2006: Anime Death Sentence

April 23, 2006 on 3:33 pm | In *Sama Zama Site, xxxHOLIC |

When I heard the number of shows I’d have on my watch list this Spring, I nearly fainted. And every day, I discover more. I keep downloading the files, but I have only watched a few episodes. Where does this lead me? To a tentative blogging list for the new season.

Keeping up with the new season might seem nearly feasible if it weren’t for the fact that the Winter sseason never ended. Fate/Stay Night still stumbles on, as well as Karin. A few have ended and been left behind, but the load does not seem any lighter.

These are all the series I mean to watch, and hopefully blog. 新しいポストを楽しみにしててくださいね!(^▽^)V

  • Spring 2006 Watch List
    • ああっ女神さまっ
    • Air Gear
    • Disgaea
    • Melancholy of Harui Suzumiya
    • NANA
    • Ouran High School Host Club
    • School Rumble 二学期
    • Simoun
    • Strawberry Panic!
    • Utawarerumono
    • xxxHOLiC
    • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Holy shit batman, that’s 11 freaking shows and I’m already behind like 3 episodes each. Hopefully some will be crossed out due to suckage to relieve me a little. Anymore you’d like to recommend?

[EDIT:] Based on popular comments, Air Gear and Disgaea have been eliminated from my even “peek at” list, and I have added Melancholy of Harui Suzumiya and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, which leads me to question whether I am making any progress here at all. Haha.

[EDIT:] Wait, I have made progress because I already had Suzumiya up there. Thanks, whisper. Hooray for brains.


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