Bokura ga Ita - 02

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Episode Two

Nanami doesn’t waste any time with confession, does she?

  • Episode Review

Bokura ga Ita seems to be progressing at the same pace (if not faster) as Suzuka, and with the same sequence of events:

  1. Protagonist falls in love despite themself with elusive Supporting Character.
  2. Protagonist confesses to elusive Supporting Character.
  3. Supporting Character produces vague, elusive response.
  4. Elusivity occurrs.
  5. Protagonist begins a chase, while learning about Supporting Character’s angsty past.
  6. Supporting Character puts up a front about past and feelings the entire time.
  7. Elusivity occurs.
  8. Supporting Character occasionally throws bones to Protagonist with extremely vague signals and gestures, keeping them strung along.
  9. Elusivity occurs.
  10. Eventual capture and/or death of victim (Supporting Character).

As critical as I seem about the simple plot formula of the anime, Bokura ga Ita still proves to be enjoyable so far. I would definitely recommend it for watching as a love comedy this season, especially as there don’t seem to be better series starting up at this time. Not only this, but it seems a tad less emo than the anime I keep comparing it to. So far. Overall, Bokura ga Ita has a very human touch sprinkled with the occasional funny scenes, but is no way as serious as “human touch sprinkled with occasional funny scenes” Nana. Nor is it the same style. It just strikes me as a plain yet decent anime, but not one that will stand out on its own. But as with these sort of plots, my attention will definitely be captured until the last episode I just prefer the cookie-cutter cutesy crushes, I guess.

  • Sidenote

Okay, maybe the bubble-eye-fat-nose-monkey-head will take a little more getting to used to than I had thought.


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