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Episode Three

So, basically…everyone is stupid.

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Maybe it’s the quick pace, maybe it’s the intense drama crammed into a slice-of-life high school memory anime, but either way, Bokura ga Ita seems to be heading down a dark path lined with angsty black rosebushes to me. Basically every character is a little retarded.

Nanami needs to stop obsessing about the random crush with tons of emotional baggage.Yano is a nice guy and all, but trying to force yourself into the life of a boy who just went through (probably a month ago) the sudden death of the love of his life isn’t that classy. I would at least give him half a semester to breathe before I pounced on him and attacked him when he was most vulnerable. And with such a hold on the past and all the countless cases of tears and pain Yano carts around with him everywhere, who needs a relationship with his kind of messed up, anyway?

Flashbacks or not, Yano needs (or needed to) ditch the crappy “taking care of the crying-lover pretty girl” gimmick. Now that we’ve seen some of Yano’s past, we know he was just a total sucker for a cute girl in tears. That’s basically it. No more, no less. Any intense sympathy and understanding that is supposed to overwhelm the viewer with this episode was lost on me. The anime sets up Yano as falling in love with Nana in spite of himself and the situation, but mostly due to her pretty looks (IMO). But is any girl pretty enough to stick around for after she continues to obsess over her abusive ex and seem to enjoy the emotional and physical pain she receives from offending parties? Get a grip, Yano. You should’ve walked away then, and you definitely need to walk away now. She’s dead and your life should be a lot better now.

Nano’s own issues are too obvious to name. You know, what with the whole “I hate him but I keep going back and he makes me cry but maybe I like it so…Please love me, random boy!”

The entire situation seems cliche and improbable. It seems like the anime is swinging domestic abuse straight into the face of the story without warning (no pun intended). Maybe this is just me, and maybe I have just expected something a little lighter and more comical out of Bokura, so this intense angst and thickly spread drama has got me disappointed. And if the characters’ actions and feelings have gotten me worked up this much, it must mean that the anime is doing something right…Right? Otherwise I wouldn’t even bother waiting eagerly for the next.

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Yamamoto Nana: Yano’s ex-girlfriend and Yuri’s older sister. Nana interrupted Yano’s life when she began to turn to him for comfort after he boyfriend abused her. She died in a traffic accident the previous summer, devastating both characters.


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