Who the heck are you, anyway?

Hullo! Online and in these types of social contexts I go by the handle Saria. I don’t have an aversion to using my real name, however, so you can call me Steph if you’d like. Saria and Steph both have the same amount of characters so it really doesn’t make a difference now, does it?

I don’t really care, but why don’t you talk about yourself anyway?

I’m a pretty open-minded person who can be overly verbose at times. This explains the length and thoroughness of my anime posts, which include summaries, episode reviews, and character reviews! No, I don’t have an abundance of time on my hands. I’m in fact a pretty busy person, but I try to make time for my hobbies. These include but are not limited to: drawing, laughing, reading fiction, writing, watching anime, playing video games, kissing my kitty, scrapbooking, and rambling.

I’ve also studied Japanese for about four years now and I visited Japan in the summer of 2005. I wouldn’t say I’m fluent, and I prefer fansubs, but I can get by with casual conversation. (If you want to chat sometime, be sure hit me up. :D) I guess I am kind of otaku but I think my love for the Japanese language and culture outweighs my love for anime. And yes, I studied Japanese before I cared a lot about anime. I attend UC Berkeley and my major is East Asian Language with a focus in Japanese.

  • Where do you hail from?

Los Angeles, California. I’ve visited several states (and countries) and so far Southern CA is the best. Ever. I feel sorry for you non-Cali suckas. (o^^o)ふふっ♪

  • Look at you, with your picture posted up there like some whore! Are you narcissistic or what?

・・・・・・・・・ (* ・・*) Um…I am the kind of person who likes pairing an identity with a human face. I appreciate it when I know whose writing I’m reading. So I think maybe some other people get curious too. Sometimes, a form of human connection is more powerful than faceless lines and lines of text, don’t you think? Well, I happen to think it’s neato frito bandito. Though if I get enough complaints maybe I’ll take it down. Don’t want to scare people away from my blog. :P

  • Favorite seiyuu?

I’d have to say my favorite female seiyuu is quite possibly Mamiko Noto. Her voice for Toujo in Ichigo 100% really won me over for some reason. Though I really like Naomi Shindoh’s performance as Shizuru from Mai Hime/Otome. I guess I’m weird.

Male voices? I have tons I like. Masakazu Morita as Ichigo from Bleach, Takashi Kondo as hot Train from Black Cat! But I don’t know if I have a single male voice actor I like the best for different roles.


  • So what is this thing?

An anime blog. I write episode reviews, summaries, and character reviews of anime I like to watch. You read. Hopefully.

  • wtf is “Sama Zama” lol u think u kno japnaese or wut?

さまざま (samazama) means “this/that” in Japanese. I’m aware there’s another anime blog called Kono Sono, which means the same thing in Japanese. I didn’t know of this blog title until after I had already started my own blog. Despite the similar blog titles, I don’t know if our content will be that alike. Or genders.

Ginchan fo' life!

  • Hosting?

:D Free AnimeBlogger hosting by Maestro!

  • How did you get into this?

Here’s the first anime blog post I ever wrote. It explains some things.

  • What anime can I expect to see blogged?

My blog title is descriptive. I watch a little of “this and that” kind of anime. The genres range from H-game-turned-anime to shounen to shounen ai to shoujo to slice of life to action. I love anime that can make me laugh and cry. I am currently a sucker for funny shoujo anime with cute love arcs, such as Fruits Basket. That said, I don’t like watching/reading any kind of material which focuses soley on depression without end.

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