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Whoa. The anime internets has exploded and my blog is brimming with “gay speedo horse sex with girl” (which seems like an oxymoron, assuming the horse is male). And, after a year of an unannounced hiatus, there are still people who link to me. Even a few new bloggers just starting up, linking to me. Thanks, guys. :D Now that is love.

So, I guess college life doesn’t lend itself to anime reviewing. Someone should have warned me. Thus, I have literally been anime-free for about…a year. I have not touched or even glimpsed at anything anime-related. No blogs, no sites, no nothing. I got a job at an EB Games across from campus and focused my mania entirely on video games, and forsook my poor animated hobby.

But that is going to change. Yes, I’m dusting off this poor old thing, combing the thousands of spam for genuine comments, and beginning to write again. I was perusing through the Summer 2007 list and deciding which titles I would like to follow. In order to keep myself going, I will probably restrict myself to only weekly updates, and I will not be the first blogger rushing to the scene to hastily scribble something. I will probably be (gasp) delayed in my review of an episode coming out that week. But I am determined! I WILL write reviews and they WILL be meaningful and I WILL make time to watch some anime, damn it!

So, assuming someone will somehow stumble back onto my dusty ol’ blog and even read this, please let me know what is worth watching and coming out soon. And what the hell happened. To everything.

Spam? How flattering!

May 4, 2006 on 7:26 pm | In *Sama Zama Site | 536 Comments
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