Anime Blog American Idol?

May 10, 2006 on 3:57 pm | In Uncategorized | 146 Comments

Forgive me this one little digression.

Now that people have been “cut,” I feel like this is becoming the American Idol of anime blogging. Consoling the losers, and possibly creating an elitist blogging community of the “best…” which is measured by pageview stats. I am not trying to criticize Jason or Blogsuki or the community in particular. I think he has his own rationale for doing what he’s done, and I love his blog and the most popular blogs on the feed; I don’t hold anything against them. I can’t even propose a good solution to the convolution of blogs. I am just expressing my fears for the future.

I feel like I have been taking my spot on Blogsuki for granted this whole time. From the very beginning, I was included. But now, like Hung, I also feel paranoid. “Will I be cut?” I think writers need to remember that our blogs existed before Blogsuki. And they will continue to exist, until we decide to shut them down (or until we exceed bandwidth after a 500 screeny post!) But it is still a scary concept, since most of my readers only became aware of me since Blogsuki.

And, as narcissistic as it may be…yes, I do want readers. Yes, I want my writing to be read. Yes, I love attracting wonderful regulars like eurys and Wyk72. Bloggers are only human. To have a blog or book or any published work is to be read. This is a natural desire. One could say the entire blogging hobby is a selfish one. Why do you blog? To post YOUR opinions up. So others can read them. Is that not egocentric in itself?

I think the readers and the bloggers are equally important and are in equal standing. Not just readers. Not just bloggers. Without readers, would bloggers blog? Without blogs, would readers read? It’s a very mutual relationship. Thus, I think it’s important that readers are kept aware of old and new blogs, budding or lasting.

I have held my tongue about this issue except for my own comments on the various Blogsuki posts, but I want to say something now, especially since people like tjhan have been cut. I refrain from posts that include a lot of personal information , mass duplication, or very narrowed interests (i.e. this one since it is tailored to the Blogsuki community, mainly bloggers). In fact, this post seems sillier the more I type. But I think some discussion should be opened up once more (what’s new?), just for discussion’s sake. (Or maybe solutions?)

We should hear from some readers this time. This mini Blogsuki-crisis, (which is probably blown way of out proportion, right?) is much more devastating to bloggers than it is readers. But you never know. How do you feel about the situation? Vent and forget.

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