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  • Will shounen-ai turn you off enough to stop watching an anime?

This question obviously doesn’t apply to fans of shounen-ai, and is mainly targeted toward a male audience, since most females don’t have a problem with it.

The issue of shounen-ai themes in anime shouldn’t be a big deal since most such anime is dominated by the theme; if one does not like shounen-ai, one would not be inclined to watch an anime with any boys’ love spin, since that is the element that that particular series focuses on. Examples of this would be the ever-so-popular Gravitation or Loveless. Shounen-ai fans must face it—those anime have nothing going for them other than the ラブラブ boys action. That’s their principle gimmick.

But consider this idea. What if your favorite series contained shounen-ai elements? Imagine any good series with a little male homosexuality mixed in. Reito having a whole different reason for passing up a Mai buffet. Would that ruin the anime enough to plunge its popularity into despairing depths?

Or, to put it into a more tangible perspective: Would you stop watching Ouran High School Host Club if Haruhi never turned out to be a girl?

By the way, I don’t think I really need to mention this, but, please, don’t search for “yaoi” on danbooru. It would frighten even the fangirliest of fangirls. Unless you’re, like, really into that sort of thing. Really into. The selection is poor, anyway…

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